When it comes to storing and keeping your cigars, well-researched cheap humidors can make all the difference in amplifying their taste and maintaining the proper environment. These containers are made out of wood, are specially designed just for cigars and help keep the humidity and temperature levels where they need to be. By rotating and aging the cigars in your humidor instead of taking to them right away, the taste improves and becomes much more pleasant. There are even portable humidors that you can keep on you if ever find the need to celebrate while out and about.

Cheap Humidors Construction

     Spanish Cedar

There are important differences between wood types that are used for construction of cheap humidors. A popular type is Spanish cedar. Unlike the name may suggest the cedar does not actually come from any Spanish region. It is typically imported from South and Central American counties, chiefly from Brazil. Cedar has a lot of positive effects on cigars, like adding taste to the tobacco that was not previously present. A very aromatic wood, insects hate it and it will keep pests such as tobacco worms far from your expensive cigars. The wood is able to absorb humidity, keeping excess moisture from becoming a problem and creating a mold-free wooden container for your prized smokes.

     American red cedar

Spanish cedar tree helptherainforests.com
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Spanish cedar tree helptherainforests.com

Another fairly popular material is American red cedar. Although not as high-end as Spanish cedar, it still exhibits good humidity absorption properties. It has a much more intense aroma as well. Unlike with Spanish cedar, there is no danger of the wood ever bleeding out excess resin over time. Some prefer it for this reason. Also much more affordable, if you desire a strong woody flavor with your cigars, storing in this kind of material is very desirable. If that is not the case, simply use your cigars before any very long length of time and the taste will be less strong.

     Honduran Mahogany

Honduran mahogany is very similar to Spanish cedar, but with less botanical side effects and less aroma. It has a high rate of humidity absorption, making for a good long term place to store your cigars. The only downside is that because the aroma is less intense, it is also less able to keep pests at bay. This humidors should be kept somewhere that is safe from harmful insects that can do damage to the cigars. The interior wood of these cheap humidors should not be treated. This will ensure that pests are deterred for as long as possible. It is also a good idea to line these humidors with Spanish cedar if possible.

Cheap Humidors Construction Methods

There are two different construction methods for cheap humidors, regardless of what woods you decide to use. They can either be veneered on medium density fiberboard or be made of solid wood. A fiberboard is very often made up of a cherry hardwood and lined with Spanish cedar.

A solid body wood humidor is not really any better than one made of fiberboard and veneer. Although they are more expensive, they generally function just as well. The downside to a veneer finish humidor of course is that the humidity is much higher inside of it than it may be externally. This can lead to humidity becoming trapped under the veneers and cause some warping of the wood. Whichever cheap humidors you prefer, it is simply a matter of taste.

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