Punch Cigar Brand History

Punch is a premium hand made Cuban cigar brand produced by Habanos S.A., the communist Cuban government’s state owned tobacco company.  Punch has been producing cigars since 1840.

The Punch brand is named for a clown character named Mr. Punch.  Punch quickly gained success, with particular popularity in Great Britain. The brand changed hands many times throughout the years, but now is owned by the Cuban government.  Through it all, Punch maintained a steady growth in popularity and became one of the world most famous premium hand made cigar brands.

Cuban Revolution

As a result of the Cuban revolution, many cigar companies fled the country and sought to start anew in another country with a tobacco friendly climate and with a more free market friendly, government.

As a result many brands like Punch started a new non Cuban company under the same name while the Cuban government continued to make Cuban cigars under the original brand.  So today there are two Punch brands.

Cuban Embargo

This is made possible because the United States government placed an embargo on Cuban made goods, restricting the sale of Cuban goods to United States citizens.  The United States Supreme Court has authorized the use of the conflicting brand names because as far as the United States government is concerned the Cuban Punch brand doesn’t exist, or at least is not recognized under our trademark laws.

Although the Cuban made Punch brand is no longer available in the United States, it remains one of the most popular and oft smoked Cuban cigar brands in the international cigar market.  Punch has always been particularly popular in Great Britain and remains so to this day.

Punch Vitolas

There are many vitolas in the Punch line.  There is the Punch Churchill, the Punch Corona, the Punch Coronation, the Punch Double Corona, the Punch Margarita, the Punch Petit Corona del Punch, the Punch Petit Corona, the Punch Petit Punch, the Punch Punch, the Punch Royal Coronation, the Punch Royal Selection No. 11, the Punch Royal Selection No. 12 and the Punch Super Selection No. 1.  Among the Punch vitolas the most sought after are the Punch Punch, the Punch Double Corona, the Punch Churchill, and the Punch Super Selection No. 2.

Punch cigars are of the classic variety as most fall in the category of a medium strength, medium flavor, and medium body. Punch also has two lines of machine made cigarillos, the Punch Cigarritos and the Punch Cigarritos Reserva.

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