Cohiba Lanceros Deutsch: Cohiba Lanceros
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Cohiba Lanceros Deutsch: Cohiba Lanceros (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cuban Cohiba Cigars vs. Dominican Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba is a brand name of two distinct cigar lines.  One is the original Cohiba brand which is a Cuban cigar brand.  This Cohiba line is produced by Habanos S.A., the Cuban government owned tobacco company.

The other is the Dominican version Cohiba.  The Dominican Cohiba brand is produced by the American based General Cigar Company.  There is much disagreement as to which is the true Cohiba.

History of the Cohiba Cigar brand

While the Cohiba brand began in Cuba, once the communist Cuban government nationalized the tobacco industry, some would say this company no longer carried the true Cohiba name.  Additionally, the original family that started the Cohiba brand fled Cuba to escape the communists and started the Dominican Cohiba brand in the Dominican Republic.

They claim to be the true Cohiba because they took their knowledge, expertise, and the tobacco seed Cohiba was always made from and planted it anew in Dominican soil.  They would argue the spirit of the true Cohiba has left Cuba with them.

The Dominican Cohiba, also known as the red dot Cohiba for the red dot in the O of the Cohiba brand stamp, is the only Cohiba sold in the United States.

The word Cohiba comes from the Taino word for tobacco.  In many ways, Cohiba is almost synonymous with fine cigar as it is one of the best known brand names in the cigar world.  Cohiba is the gold standard for cigar brands.

This tobacco comes from the San Luis and San Juan y Martinez zones of Vuelta Abajo.  Vuelto Abajo is a region of Pinar del Rio Province.  The exact location of the tobacco fields that become the Cohiba cigar is a very closely guarded secret.

Cuban Cohiba Cigar Production

The Cuban Cohiba is unique in that the filler tobacco is subjected to an extra fermentation process that helps to age the tobacco further.  Most cigars are fermented twice, but the Cuban Cohiba is fermented three times.

The third fermentation is done in a wooden barrel, which is supposed to achieve a smoother flavor.  The production and rolling of the Cohiba brand mostly takes place in Cohiba’s El Laguito factory, which is a mansion outside of Havana that has been converted to a cigar production facility.

Some of the production and manufacture occurs at the Partagas factory in Havana. Cuban Cohibas are mild to medium bodied cigars.

Dominican Cohiba Cigar Production

The Dominican Cohiba is made with a Cameroon wrapper, which is a dark, pungent, yet sweet leaf.  These Cohibas have an Indonesian wrapper leaf tobacco and twice fermented Dominican filler.  The Dominican Cohiba is a medium to full bodied cigar.

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