Black and Mild Cigar History

Black and Mild is a popular cigar brand created by John Middleton Company.  John Middleton has been in the tobacco business since the 1850s.  After strong growth as a tobacco retailer John Middleton began creating its own tobacco blends.

Black and Mild was the product of blending experimentation in the 1980s.  Black and Mild was originally a pipe tobacco blend sold by John Middleton at their local tobacco shops.  Black and Mild cigars are unique in that they are classified as pipe tobacco cigars.

Black and Mild Cigar Production

Black and Mild cigars are machine made cigars, but unlike many other machine made cigars, Black and Mild cigars are large cigars.  Black and Mild cigars are produced with a plastic tip.

The concept for the Black and Mild came from the creators’ desire to enjoy the flavors and aromas of a pipe tobacco while enjoying the convenience of not having to smoke from a pipe.

Ranked #1 Cigar in America

Black and Mild cigars are some of the most popular cigars in America.  Black and Mild achieved the position of the number one selling cigar package in America by unit and by dollars in 1996 and maintains that position today.  Black and Mild production has always been centered in Pennsylvania with operations locations in King of Prussia and Limerick.

Following the success of the Black and Mild brand in the late 90s, John Middleton Co. decided to broaden the Black and Mild footprint on the cigar smoking world.  The first step in that direction was the introduction of the Black and Mild Mild, which hit stores in 2001.

Expansion of the Brand

They followed up with the Black and Mild Fast Break, which is a shorter cigar for the Black and Mild smoker on the go.  Black and Mild Fast Break was introduced in 2004.  Seeing that the Black and Mild family was growing and loving every new Black and Mild product, the very next year John Middleton introduced the Black and Mild Cream.

In 2006 Black and Mild FT hit the market to immediate acclaim.  Additionally, black and Mild Wine was launched in 2007.  Many big names in the cigar and tobacco industry noticed the great popularity of the Black and Mild name, so John Middleton had a lot of suitors in the late 2000s.

Ultimately, Altria Group purchased Black and Mild.  Under its new management, the Black and Mild Wood Tip was introduced in 2009.  Black and Mild also produces a non-tipped line of cigarillos. Black and Mild cigars are very affordable and can be found at most stores that sell tobacco products.

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