Cuban cigars are legendary in the cigar world.  They have historically been considered the best cigars in the world due to the ideal climate and soil conditions as well as a rich cigar tradition.

Political influence

Although the political changes in the 1960s changed the dynamic of the Cuban cigar industry, they are still considered the best.  The communist government in Cuba runs the cigar industry.  They own all of the farms and factories and all the production and other business decisions are made by the government.

This caused many of the historic Cuban cigar families to flee the country in search of a new country to ply their trade, and left Cuba with at least less cigar experts than before.  So there is no guarantee that any cigar made in Cuba is going to be great.

Classic Cuban Cigar Brands

But it is important to know what are the best Cuban cigars.  The best Cuban cigars today are still the classic brands of history, they just aren’t run by the same people they once were.  In fact many of the Cuban brands have a counterpart with the same name that is sold in the US, but the following refers to the Cuban versions.


Cohiba is considered by many as the leader in best Cuban cigars and in fact all cigars.  The Cuban government began producing Cohibas

in 1968 for a limited consumer base (mostly Castro and his pals).  They began to be available to the general public in the 1980s.  The word Cohiba is almost synonymous with cigar.  Cohibas are one of the best Cuban cigars.


Montecristo is also one of the best Cuban cigars brands.  Over half of the Cuban cigars made today are Montecristos.  Of the best Cuban cigars, Montecristo has the greatest world-wide presence and is generally held as the standard bearer of best Cuban cigars.  Known for their spice, Montecristo No. 2 cigars and Montecristo No. 4 cigars are the held by many to be the best Cuban cigars of all.


The only brand that comes close to rivaling Cohiba and Montecristo is Partagas.  Partagas cigars are in the conversation of best Cuban cigars because they cater to a different segment of the market.  Most Partagas cigars are flavored with a hint of coffee or chocolate, so they are considered the best Cuban cigars when it comes to non-traditional flavors.

Rafael Gonzalez

Because history and longevity are important to the conversation of best Cuban cigars, Rafael Gonzalez cigars must be considered.  Of the current brands that make the best Cuban cigars, Rafael Gonzalez has been in business the longest.

Started in the 1920s, Rafael Gonzalez is one of the only brands that survived the political changes in Cuba in the 1960s.  They changed names in 1945 but have been producing the world’s best Cuban cigars for almost a century now.

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