Best Lighter for Cigars

The best lighter for cigars is the torch. Torch lighters have a strong, very hot flame to light the cigar quickly. Torch lighters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. Single flame torch lighters can be very precise  while larger three and four flame torches are like slow torches to light your cigar. The price of torch lighters varies from $3 for a cheap one from the gas station to $100 and up for lighters with a lifetime warranty and nice shell design.

Choosing the best lighter for cigars also depends on where you are. Some torch lighters are made to be very wind resistant to work well on the beach or golf course. All torch lighters are not wind resistant.Other torch lighters are waterproof. Most cigar smokers will want to have a variety of torch lighters to be prepared for any occasion. If you must pick just one, go with the most wind resistant lighter you can find so it will work in all situations. The Xikar EX II is perfect for this. It has a soft flame and a torch flame. The combination make it very wind resistant.

Another type of cigar lighter is the double soft flame lighter. Colibri makes a model called the Julius ($125). If money is no object the ligne 2 series from ST Dupont are some best lighters available ($700 up to $1500)

The double soft flame is a good option. The flame is not nearly as hot as the torch lighters which tends to burn the cigar less for a more clean light. It comes down to personal preference. The double soft flame is much less common but a

Best Cigar Lighter for the money

The best cigar lighter for the money depends on what you want to use it for. If you are not worried about replacing your lighter often there are quite a few non branded chinese torch lighters on the market. Some are reliable and some are not. They are hit or miss. In the long run you will spend more money replacing these than if you just go ahead and buy a nice lighter with a lifetime warranty. Vertigo makes great torch lighters less expensive than Xikar or Colibri. They are very reliable. They do not have a lifetime warranty is why you pay less for them. Xikar lighters have a lifetime warranty while Colibri lighters have a two year warranty. If money is not a concern ST Dupont makes great high end lighters.

Best Rated Cigar Lighter

We compiled a list of the Best rated cigar lighters from reviews around the web. Here are the consensus top rated cigar lighters.

 Xikar Forte – This is one of my favorite new lighters from Xikar. It combines soft flame and torch into one great flame to light a cigar. The smooth soft flame makes it easy to light your cigar without over charring it. The red fuel window and 7mm punch are also nice features. Available in four finishes Burl, Black, G2 and Silver



Lotus Vertigo Cyclone – Probably the best lower price cigar lighter that exists. Nice smooth action lights every time. These lighter do not have a lifetime warranty but have very few issues and at $15-$20 they are hard to beat.


Zippo – The classic zippo always rates very high on the list of popular cigar lighters. Most people don’t realize the fuel has a taste to is that taints the flavor of your cigar. It is highly recommended to replace the insert in your zippo with a butane replacement. This converts your Zippo lighter into a butane torch. You get the look of a zippo with the functionality of a butane torch. Perfect combination.



Colibri Stealth – The quality of Colibri lighters has come a long way in the last few years. The new lighters produced by Colibri are very reliable. The new designs are functional and beautiful. The Colibri stealth is available in six colors. It has a triple torch flame, fuel window and very solid feel in your hand. This one is pricey at $100 but definitely worth it!


Best Cigar Torch Lighter Review

What site has the best cigar lighter reviews? This is a great question. It is tough to sift through the sites that are really just trying to get you to click and buy a lighter so they make a commission on it. You need to dig deep and find sites that are actually writing reviews and not just trying to sell you something. Here are a few recommendations on sites to check out for great lighter reviews.

While this site does have an amazon link to purchase lighters they seem to have done a good job of keeping their reviews separate and objective. The reviews are in depth and insightful. They bring up the pros and cons of each specific lighter and give it a rating. They do a fire it up test results section i.e. 20 light attempts 19 successful lights. I have not seen this before on other sites.

Cigar Aficionado is one of the most well known names in the cigar industry. While they don’t review every lighter on the market what they do review is very high quality. As always definitely check them out

Halfwheel is a great source of up to date information on new cigar lighter releases. They seem to keep up with most new accessory releases of the major brands. They do not sell any products on the site. They do link to sponsor sites but keep their writing separate.

To sum it up be careful when you search google for best cigar lighter. The bulk of the results are sites with links trying to sell you lighters disguised as review sites. Stick with our site or the guys listed above and you won’t go wrong. Overall our personal favorite lighter so far in 2018 is Xikar Forte Soft flame. The soft flame torch is not one you see in many lighters. It provides a smooth fast light for your cigar that is hard to beat.

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