Size 5 x 54
Wrapper Cameroon
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler They ain’t telling
Shape Robusto

The Acid Kuba Kuba is produced by Drew Estate out of Nicaragua. It is an infused cigar  and it is probably the number one seller in the Acid line. Acid Kuba first came out in 1999 and Acid currently has over 22 different cigars carrying the Acid label. The Acid Kuba Kuba has the distinctive Acid flavor but then still has a taste all its own to some degree. Drew Estate uses different blends of filler, natural infusions, and different wrappers to make each Acid have its own personality but they all have the underlying Acid infusion which sets them apart from all of the infused cigars out there.

First Impression …

The Acid Kuba Kuba, like all Acid cigars I have had the pleasure of smoking, is a professionally packaged cigar. They are handmade and their construction is flawless. The wrappers show very little veins, they are solid to the touch, with a hard cap. The Acid Kuba Kuba comes with a bright blue and gold label that just says Acid, nothing more. A thin band below tells you it’s a Kuba Kuba. Steve Jobs insisted that the packaging of Apple products to be as clean and professional as the product itself and if Apple ever decided to make a cigar I doubt they could do a better job of presenting their cigar than Acid does. This classy approach is present throughout the Acid line.

Pre-Light Impressions …

The smell of a Acid Kuba Kuba is hard to define. It is a mixture of sweet and spice. Acid refuses to tell what goes into the scent and taste of their cigars but they can be a little overbearing if you’re not a fan of Acids. They have been one of my favorite cigars since the first one I smoked. The pre-light taste is again strong but exactly like the scent. The cap punches incredibly well and the pre-light draw furnishes you with a taste of spices and rich tobacco. Once you remove the cigar from your lips the spice taste remains.

Upon Lighting …

The Acid Kuba Kuba lights very easily and the first draw is very smooth. This is where the professional construction really starts to impress you. It burns evenly, it has a solid ash and the draw is clean and easy. The spice taste remains well after the exhale. About an inch in the spice settles down some and the tobacco begins to combine with the sweetness to make a very pleasant smoke. The ash remains solid throughout the smoke and the secondary smoke it generates would seem to be a little more acceptable to those around you than most cigars but it is still a cigar so ..

One Third Ways In ..

Still very much a solid smoke. The spice is still very present though mellowing out more and more and the smoothness is still there. Evenly burning with a hard ash. The cigar begins to gain some strength from the tobacco which is a good change. No sign of any harshness at this point. A little of the solid feel has given away but still a pleasure to hold.

Two Thirds Down ..

The spice still dominates but the tobacco itself is becoming more present. Quite a few cigars start to really lose their solid feel at this point but the Kuba Kuba is still a fairly solid cigar. At this point you begin to wonder how many days it’s going to take to wear the spice off your lips but at the same time you enjoy the taste. If I really enjoy a cigar I will smoke it down to the point to where the hint of burning flesh becomes present and this is one of those cigars. I really hate to give it up.

Acid Kuba Kuba Final Thoughts ..

I like one occasionally just as a change of pace and when I’m in that mood, I usually look for an Acid. They are extremely well constructed and very consistent. The Acid Kuba Kuba is one of my favorites and they never let me down. If you have never tried a flavored cigar then I would recommend buying one and giving it a try. Acids might surprise you.

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