IPCPR 2017 Thoughts

Lane: Aging Room Solera Boutique Blends Interview. I’m excited about this

IPCPR change of venue from the the Sands Expo Center at the Venetian to the Las Vegas Convention Center attached to the Westgate Hotel

Harris brother jim going

Tobacco Outlet Cigars

Good things this year vs. last

Lane: Lots of fear last year due to the FDA regulations. Companies were still understanding what the new rules would mean. This year it seems the tides turned a bit. There was a hint of optimism. Cigar manufacturers and retailers feel like there is a chance the FDA rules will be modified to something the industry can live with. Everyone seems to be starting to adapt to the FDA rules. Existing cigar companies seem

New Blends as usual. The existing cigar companies seem to have a near endless lineup of blends to release this year and in the coming years.

Bad this year vs. Last

Cigar manufacturers tightened down on the cigar samples big time. In past years we needed an extra suitcase just to bring home all of the cigar samples. I think this was due to the FDA’s requirement that a reasonable number of samples can be given to retailers to test the product and make a business decision. This is likely to continue.

Lack of new cigar companies. The new FDA rules have made it nearly impossible to start a new cigar company with new blends.

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