The cigar store has evolved in recent years into a unique establishment all its own.  In the old days most people got their tobacco products from local convenience stores, gas stations, or grocery stores.While this is still the case for most cigarette smokers, the cigar store is the destination for cigar and pipe smokers.  There were some tobacco dedicated specialty stores like the United Cigar Stores chain, but this is all but extinct nowadays.

Today the cigar store is the place to find all your specialty tobacco needs.  Also known as tobacconists, today’s cigar store is a place to go where you will find both the things you need and a place you’ll feel welcome in.

Cigar Lounge

A cigar store in the United States is usually a hybrid between a store and a lounge.  While their main revenue stream is the tobacco sales, the cigar store also has value as one of the last public indoor places to enjoy a cigar.

As smoking bans get more and more strict, more and more smokers are driven to havens like the cigar store where smoking indoors is still allowed.  Some smokers with non smoking spouses also find the cigar store is the best place to enjoy a smoke while still feeling at home.

To make the most of this, many a cigar store is fully furnished with great chairs and couches and flat screen televisions perfect for

watching sports.  The other great thing about such a cigar store is that you don’t have to keep your cigars at home, you can just pick one up at the store and stay for the game or to catch up with a friend.  A cigar store will have lockers that are humidified so patrons can rent a locker and always have some cigars on hand to smoke while at the cigar store.


The cigar store is a great place for meetings and for other social gatherings.  The local cigar store will usually have a weekly poker night or poker tournament, cigar and wine dinners and various club meetings.

There is nothing that facilitates a good catch up after a long time no see or a let’s get down to business and make this thing work type conversation like a good cigar.  A cigar store is a perfect place to sit back relax and have some fun or take care of business.  Whatever your tobacco needs the local cigar store is the best place to find what you are looking for.

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