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XIKAR Lighters Background

Upon the completion of a new cigar cutter design, Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger formed XIKAR, Inc. in 1996.  Their vision was to market their new cutter design to a booming retail cigar market.  The patented Xi Cutter, with its high quality, superior function, feel, and reasonable fair price soon became the industry leader of cigar cutters.

XIKAR constructs cigar accessories for best function combined with innovative design, to be sold at competitive prices compared to other leading brands.  XIKAR believes their combination of function, design and fair pricing provides a unique selling proposition. XIKAR’s customer service and lifetime warranty have been lauded by industry leaders as the best in class.  The mantra XIKAR For Life is alive and well. XIKAR also sells premium hand-rolled cigars to 1,500 tobacconist retailers in the US and global distribution is being developed.

XIKAR Lighters Company Goals

XIKAR primary goal since 1996 was to become the leading cigar accessory brand in the retail tobacco marketplace.  This leadership position would be achieved by offering subcategories such as lighters, butane, humidification products, travel containers, premium cigars and cigar cutters.  Today, XIKAR is recognized as the number cigar accessory brand in the US domestic market.

By 2015, XIKAR will expand its brand leadership in the US domestic market, and become the worldwide leader of cigar accessories.  Strategic plans, people and resources are in place to achieve global dominance across all cigar accessory categories.

As an accessory brand, XIKAR is well poised to capture a majority of the cigar-smoking population because we have developed a strong brand equity and loyalty with consumers and with customers. XIKAR has built a solid reputation for innovative “cool” products, high quality and unmatched customer service.  XIKAR’s new product innovation, superior customer service and strong brand equity will continue to be the focus in the future.

Xikar Lighters Mission Statement

  • The Best Thing to Happen to Cigars Since Fire
  • Lifetime Warranty

 Xikar Lighters Brand Strengths

  • Superior Product Design & Innovation
  • Strong Brand Marketing
  • Profitable Product Sales

 XIKAR Lighters Core Values

  • XIKAR For Life
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Strategic Partnerships w/Customers and Consumers

XIKAR For Life is the mantra by which all aspects of the business are operated.  XIKAR For Life is a culture, philosophy and a competitive advantage that encompasses all products, service and management.  XIKAR’s continued success will be built upon this mantra with the commitment to service all customers with a passion.Today, XIKAR has enjoyed tremendous growth since the company

was founded in 1996.

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