White Owl Cigars is a classic brand of cigars that has been around for over a hundred

years.  White Owl Cigars began producing cigars in Dothan, Alabama in 1887 and still produces cigars in Alabama to this day.

They have stood the test of time and are firmly implanted in the cigar market as a mild, reliable, workingman’s everyday cigar.  They are machine made and are wrapped in a sheet type wrapper and binder and filled with an international blend of tobaccos.

Shapes and Sizes of White Owl Cigars

They come in a variety of types and sizes all around $1 for a single or $30 for a box of sixty.  Some of their lines include Blunts, Blunts Xtra, Cigarillos, Demi Tips, Mini Sweets 50s, Miniatures 50s, New Yorkers, New Yorker 100s, Ranger 120s, Invincibles, and Sports.  White Owl cigars also come in a variety of flavors such as Sweet, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, Pineapple, Vanilla, Blackberry, White Grape, and Wild Apple.

White Owl cigars are a great example of the benefits of the machine in cigar production.  Through the use of machine rollers, White Owl cigars is able to quickly mass produce a cigar for much cheaper than its hand rolled counterparts.  The quality of the filler tobacco is not altered in these types of cigars.

Machine Made Cigars

A machine rolled cigar may be equal in quality to a hand rolled cigar filler and takes only

half the time to produce.  However, the automated process can affect the burn the cigar makes.  In hand rolled cigars, the filler is cut in uniform grade, but the machine made cigars like White Owl cigars are often not quite as uniform.


This lack of uniformity in grade, size, texture and type of tobacco can make for an uneven burn and inconsistent ash.  But since White Owl cigars smokers are not usually the type of smokers to care about such things as how long the ash holds, this does not affect their value much.  They are also not normally wrapped in a cigar leaf like their handmade cousins.  White Owl cigars are wrapped in a dry sheet wrapped made from a mix of ground up tobacco scraps and other combustible materials.

White Owl Cigars have been had some pop culture presence as well.  They are referred to in songs by Cypress Hill and Outkast among others.

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