If you are planning to start smoking cigars or are planning to get more serious about smoking cigars it is important to establish some reliable sources for cigars info.  A great place to start is to ask your local tobacconist or a good friend or family member who is a cigar smoker.

Sources for Cigar Info

The next best thing to a trusted friend or family member is right here at thecigarlife.net.  Our site has all the cigars info you will ever need.

We feature articles on everything from the history of the cigar, to cigar geography, to current events in cigar taxation and regulation and all other cigars info.  We have cigars info on different types of cigars and different brands of cigars too.

But, as comprehensive as the cigars info is here at thecigarlife.net the thing we like to promote most is being your own source of cigars info.  Smoking cigars is all about what you experience.  The flavor, scent, and feel of a cigar are all subjective.

Keep a Cigar Journal

So we suggest that the way to maximize your future cigar smoking is to track your cigar smoking history. You can create your own cigar dossier on our tools and resources tab above.  This will help you track what cigars you smoked and what you thought of them.  It is best to note where you smoked and what you ate or drank with your smoke as well as what the smoke itself was like.

This way you can create your own personalized resource for cigars info.  You can find your go to cigar for all occasions, or determine which cigar is your golf course cigar and which is your scotch cigar and which is your beach cigar.

Cigar Magazines

There are also great books and magazines on the history and culture of cigars.One respected authority is Cigar Aficionado.  Cigar Aficionado is a quarterly magazine that covers all things related to the world of cigars.  It began in circulation in 1992 and has become one of the most well regarded resources of cigars info, reviews, and current events out there.

At its soul, Cigar Aficionado is a lifestyle magazine that features articles on cigars, cigar making and often includes interviews with celebrities who classify themselves as cigar smokers.  In addition to cigars info, Cigar Aficionado also covers related industries such as wine, travel, gambling, and antiques.

Although originally aimed at the most affluent of cigar smokers, Cigar Aficionado has found a general following among many cigar smokers and can usually be found in the lounge of your local cigar shop.

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