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Since the 1960s it has been difficult in the United States to find a place with Cuban cigars for sale.  In the 1960s the American government placed a trade embargo on all Cuban goods.

Trade Embargo

In order to try to punish Castro and his communist regime, the John F. Kennedy and his administration decided it would be prudent to cut off a large portion of Cuba’s potential customers by making it illegal for an American citizen to buy, sell, or possess Cuban goods.

This of course included the world renowned Cuban cigars.  There is a legend that says immediately before signing this declaration into law; President John F. Kennedy ordered one of his White House aids to purchase a bulk amount of Cuban cigars for his personal stash.

Many Senators, Congressmen and other administrators did the same.  Unfortunately the general public did not catch wind of this in time to stock up.  That law is still in effect today so, it is hard to find Cuban cigars for sale.

Cuban Cigars are still Illegal for US citizens

Before going any further it is important to note that even if you are able to find Cuban cigars for sale it is illegal for an American citizen to

buy sell or possess Cuban goods.  But if you wish to circumvent the law there are a few ways that people buy Cuban cigars for sale.

First you can go to another country where it is not illegal to buy Cuban goods so you can find many places with Cuban cigars for sale.  A second option is to go online.  There are a lot of websites that claim to have Cuban cigars for sale to Americans.

The difficulty with these sites is that they may not be able to deliver on their promises.  They will not guarantee that the cigars actually get to you.  It can be easily assumed that the US postal authorities are aware of such vendors and keep an eye out for their packages.

If you order cigars from such a seller and you never receive them, it is your loss.  Another way is to “know a guy.”  This refers to black market ways to buy Cuban cigars.  There are undoubtedly people in America that are able to smuggle Cuban cigars in to the United States and offer those Cuban cigars for sale to trusted customers.  This is just like any illegal product or drug transaction.

So it is not impossible to find someone with Cuban cigars for sale, but for an American citizen it is difficult.  It is not recommended here that you attempt to buy Cuban cigars for sale.

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