262 What’s in a name?

Paradigm, Ideology, Manifesto, Revere…titles of each cigar brand 262 has released to date. All of these names were chosen because they spoke to something that resonates deep inside us. The message that comes along with every one of our cigars is something that we as individuals truly believe. We stand behind every word.

At the outset of 262 Cigars, underneath the desire to produce the best cigars we possibly could was the drive to encourage and help spread this sense of camaraderie among cigar smokers all across the country, from every walk of life. We knew that starting a cigar manufacturing company when we did was going to come with some tough challenges.

Our modern culture, it seems, is on a mission to stamp out the tobacco industry in all its forms. The intentions of these “crusaders” to banish us from the face of the earth have been made very clear and they are quite committed to the task.

Now, I believe this stems from a greater movement in the executive offices throughout this nation to garner greater control over our individual lives. But, as a company, this is the stage where we must make our stand. This is where our underlying purpose really kicks in.

Along with fostering the brotherhood of cigar lovers, we recognized that if our industry, our cigar culture was to survive, there needed to be a greater involvement from the everyday smoker, the end consumers. If we are to have any chance of fighting off the wolves at the gate, we need the support, the voices, and the action of every single cigar smoker, even if you only enjoy a cigar 2 or 3 times a year.

The Anthology of 262 Cigars

262 Paradigm

Paradigm was chosen for our debut blend not only for the blend itself, but also the direction we took with our branding, marketing, and message. They are all primarily designed to defend and inspire individual engagement in the cause of smoker liberty. For us, it marked a shift in the thought and implementation of cigar branding.

When considering the name for our sophomore release, the blend really evoked the feeling of what it was like to smoke our very first premium, hand-made cigar. It took us back to that sense of “this is something really special,” and was the beginning of a love affair with great cigars. Ideology was born. Ideology represented the ideas and manner of thinking that sets the foundation for our character, world view, and actions.

262 Manifesto

The limited edition Manifesto line was named after the 262 Manifesto that resides on our website. This document is our official declaration of stance and call to action. You can find the 262 Manifesto online at www.262cigars.com/the-revolution/the-manifesto/.


The bolder nature of our fourth release played a big part in the inspiration behind its name. Revere, donning the name of Paul Revere of the American Revolution, was so named to inspire action and involvement in our cause from every cigar smoker.
This brings us to the name of our fifth cigar line, a name which, unfortunately, I cannot divulge at the writing of this article. But, we will amend this piece after the public unveiling.

I feel that at this stage of our journey, each name has led to this next moniker. A very clear and straight line has been drawn in the sand. There are 2 sides to this battle, and inaction does not excuse you from siding with the enemy. It is time for all cigar lovers to put their pen, time, and money where their mouth is. Join the CRA www.cigarrights.org to help support their efforts at the front lines. Back this up by writing to your representatives, both at the local and state levels.

The line is drawn. On which side do you stand?

Smoke The Revolution,

Mike Justice

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