While a cigar can be lit with a match or any other flame bearing instrument, there are certain lighters that are made as cigar lighters.  This is in line with the cigar smoking culture’s need to be distinct and distinguished.  There is a respect and with that respect a proper way to treat a cigar.

Bic Lighters

Subjecting a cigar to a gas station lighter flame is, to some cigar enthusiasts, a great dishonor.  It shows that you do not respect the cigar or others who smoke them and that you have not put enough time and effort into planning for your smoke to buy and use a proper lighting instrument.

Butane Lighters

Experts say that a cigar can absorb the flavor of the lighting instrument so using a match or a cigar lighter with lighter fluid is disfavored.  The favored approach is butane lighter. Butane is colorless and odorless and does not affect the smell or flavor of the smoke.

Zippo Lighters

The Zippo type lighters are a popular type of butane cigar lighters.  They are single flame, yellow flame, wind resistant, pocket sized and very durable.  Zippo type cigar lighters have been around for a long time and have stood the test of time.  They are especially popular with cigar smokers who plan to smoke while hiking or camping or working outdoors where the elements can hinder a proper light.

Torch Lighters

The more modern approach is the blue flame “torch” cigar lighters.  Most torch cigar lighters are equipped with an electronic ignition rather than the classic flint system.  They have flames that get to be about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.  The torch cigar lighters have a wind resistant flame and are just plain impressive.  The combination of elegance of design and sheer power makes for a great type of cigar lighters.

Table Lighters

The table lighter is also a unique cigar lighter today.  Some table lighters were used in the past for cigarettes when smoking was widely allowed inside, but nowadays most table lighters are used in cigar bars and at tobacconists’ shops where smoking inside is permitted.  The table lighter is a great choice among cigar lighters for a study or home office where cigars are regularly smoked as well.

Something to keep in mind with all cigar lighters is that the flame should not actually be put to the end of the cigar but rather about one fourth to one half of an inch away from the end so the heat lights the cigar without the flame burning the cigar.

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