Although head shops have been supplying smoking paraphernalia and cornering the market for years, a number of humidor owners are now giving them a run for their money by stocking their display cases with a vast selection of weed pipes.

One thing to consider when purchasing a pipe or two is the bottom line. Most head shops charge an inordinate amount of money, as to where cigar stores maintain reasonable prices for their wares. The money saved from buying high quality, yet inexpensive weed pipes can be spent elsewhere, which is a win/win situation.

Types of Weed Pipes

As most of us know, not all pipes are made the same; alternate styles and sizes produce different results. As weed pipes are also known as bowls, pieces, shooters, and one-hitters, they’re all designed with one true objective in mind. Catching the ultimate buzz and expanding the thought process can happen most anywhere, whether on the go or taking a trip to the store.

Preference is the key when making a purchase; weed pipes are generally made from a few different materials. Glass pipes are popular and stylish, metal pipes are durable and ideal for road trips, wooden pipes provide a richer flavor, and stone pipes can survive through harsh weather conditions.

     Weed Pipes Shape and Size

Glass pieces can vary in shape and size, but also mechanically. Water pipes come as multi-piece sets with detachable bowls, stems, and rubber fittings, as opposed to standard single-piece units that are ready to go. Seeing as how the glass has already been heat treated, the pipes rarely ever get too hot, even after continuous use. Some of the most popular glass pieces include spoon pipes, twisters, chillums, bubblers, glass hammers, and a seemingly unlimited amount of bongs to perhaps start a collection.

Chamber Weed Pipes

Metal-based weed pipes are also referred to as chamber pipes that have screw-on bowls, yet some are constructed as single units. The Proto Pipe is one of the most popular metal pieces because it’s easy to conceal and even easier to use. Made from high quality brass, this pipe comes with all the attachments that make for effortless cleaning. Other metal pipes may look like regular everyday objects, including the one-hitter key chain, the lipstick case, the car lighter, the mini flashlight model, and the metal flip-lighter pipe.

Wooden Weed Pipes

Wooden pipes are the most reasonably priced and they definitely stand the test of time. Most wooden pipes are made from cherry, oak, or briar because the density of the wood from the base of these trees makes them heat and fire resistant. Many of these pipes are handcrafted and come with carved designs.

Stone Weed Pipes

Weed pipes made of stone are chiefly used by a number of Native American tribes across the United States for ceremonial reasons. Stone pipes are also used by holy men of the Sadhu, as well as the Rastafarians. For commercial use, the chillum stone pipe is by far the most popular, as the coolness of the stone itself reduces the temperature of the smoke.

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