Atlantic Cigar Company is a family operated retail tobacco company based out of Pennsylvania.  Atlantic has been in the tobacco retail business since the 1990s.  A product of the cigar boom and the advent of the internet, Atlantic has grown into worldwide online cigar retailer.

Atlantic Cigar Company History

The Scipioni family established Atlantic in 1996 with the opening of its first retail location in Tarrytown, NY.  After immediate success, Atlantic opened a second store on Atlantic Street in Stamford, Connecticut.

Originally, Atlantic moved into the homes of many cigar smokers with the introduction of the Atlantic mail order program, which gave customers the ability to order from Atlantic from home.  The retail brand then grew with the introduction of the Atlantic Cigars online store.  A third retail location was then opened in Elmsford, New York.

The Atlantic Cigar company now resides in Pennsylvania.  Atlantic has a Pennsylvania location where it has a vast warehouse as well as a retail store fully equipped with all the comforts of a cigar lounge or bar including comfortable and inviting seating as well as LCD TVs for watching a game.  Atlantic also offers coffee and espresso a fitting accompaniment to the Atlantic cigar experience.

Today, the Elmsford location is split off from the Atlantic name and runs independently as Smoking Cigar which is still run by the Scipioni family.  The Atlantic Cigar Co. is run by Paul Scipioni.  The big business for Atlantic nowadays is through the online retail operation.

Atlantic Cigars Website

You can find Atlantic Cigars online at  On the Atlantic website customers can find an international variety of all premium cigars, cigar accessories, and humidors.  Atlantic also likes to keep customers informed via the Atlantic cigar blog.

One of the key features of the Atlantic cigar blog is that it provides Atlantic customers with cigar reviews of both new and classic cigars.  The Atlantic staff also makes periodic staff picks as recommendations to Atlantic customers searching for new cigars to try.

Customer Loyalty

Atlantic rewards customer loyalty in many ways.  One such customer loyalty program offered by Atlantic is the ability of customers to join the Atlantic VIP Members club.  The Atlantic VIP can get free shipping on orders of $150 or more, exclusive Atlantic VIP member deals, access to pre-ordering, free test samples, as well as everyday deals not available to other Atlantic customers.  You can also find Atlantic online by friending them on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

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