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Buying water pipes

Where can you find water pipes for sale?  There are many websites that offer water pipes for sale.  A simple Google search will yield tons of offers of water pipes for sale.  You can also find water pipes for sale at your local tobacconist or other smoking directed store.

What you should first determine is what type of water pipes for sale you are looking for.  There are really two basic categories of water pipes for sale, hookahs and water bongs.

The main difference is that the two are targeted to different types of smokers.  We will stick to a discussion of the hookah sort of water pipes for sale herein.

Hookah history

Hookahs were created in ancient India and have become a staple of many eastern cultures.  Where as in America the independence of smoking a cigarette or cigar is more common, the community hookah smoke has long been tradition in Asia.

Like the Native American Indians, tobacco smoking accompanied some of the most important interactions in India and the other cultures nearby.  Today you can engage the same communal smoking traditions by finding water pipes for sale.

Where to buy hookahs

When looking for tobacco related water pipes for sale online it is important to look in the hookah section of the website.  This is normally where sellers will list the tobacco related water pipes for sale they have.  Most of the regular water pipes for sale on the main pages are not really best suited for tobacco smoking.

Two of the best places to find water pipes for sale online are smokersplaza.com, and gogopipes.com.  Both are reputable pipe makers and sellers and have a great hookah section with tobacco type water pipes for sale.


Most standard water pipes for sale will cost between fifty and one hundred dollars.  When you get to looking at larger water pipes for sale or fancier water pipes for sale with more hoses or more tobacco capacity you may get into the many hundreds of dollars range.

Hookah tobacco

When you find water pipes for sale, you will also likely find pipe tobacco for sale to go along with the water pipes for sale.  Be sure not to forget to buy tobacco because once you get your water pipes for sale home, you will probably want to go ahead and try them out and will certainly need some tobacco to be able to enjoy them.  There are many great places to find water pipes for sale.

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