Tobacco use dates back over 2.5 million years ago to the Pleistocene Era. Its first purpose was primarily seen to be restricted to sacred religious practices, and for centuries the focus remained as such. It wasn’t until the discovery of the Americas, and the introduction of the plant to Europe in the 15th century that smoking tobacco for pleasure began.

Water Pipe History

Throughout the years people have constructed many apparatuses intended for use in tobacco smoking. One of the oldest and most popular of them is the water pipe. The water pipe dates back as far as the 13th century Africa, where it is said that earth pipes were dug and molded from ground to create a chamber into which a hollow reed or bamboo shoot was inserted as a mouth piece.

Not long after this era people are reported to have begun using gourds, coconut shells, and pumpkins in the same fashion to partake in this increasingly popular substance. Since then water pipes have evolved from being made with pottery material and metal; to stone, glass, and even plastic.

Hookah Pipes

In the nineteen eighties, the popularity of the water pipe began to diminish as smaller more portable dry pipes rose to be more fashionable. Two decades later; however, we see water pipe usage making a big comeback with the returning allure of the Turkish water pipe known as the Hookah. With the climbing prevalence of Hookah Bars and Cafes that are now being seen in cities throughout Britain, Spain, Russia, The United States, and The Middle East, the once forgotten water pipes have begun to gain back the glory they once had

     Water Pipe Filtration

Water pipes are designed to make the tobacco smoking experience more enjoyable. Some of the irritants that bother the interior wall of the throat, and make for a harsher inhale are eliminated by filtering the smoke through the water. Some choose to fill their water pipes with very cold water, or a combination of ice and water, to increase this smoothness and create a cooling effect. While others choose to use hot water, which creates vapor that makes the resulting smoke less dry, and lowers the coughing effects many encounter with cooler liquids. No matter what you choose to use in your water pipe, the smoking experience that results is like none other.

These pipes are by far the most pleasing way to partake in tobacco, and can be a great addition to social gatherings. The smoothness of the flavor and the togetherness of sharing the water pipe among friends can create an aura of comfort, and relaxation. The creativity and innovation that abound in modern water pipe designs bring a variety of unique pieces to the world-wide market. The elaborate shapes, sizes, and colors that are seen in today’s pipes also have a kind of aesthetic purpose, and serve as great conversation pieces. Water pipes have made leaps and bounds since ancient times, and are still a loved smoking implement of many throughout the land.

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