While the ideal is often a cigar and a glass of some choice beverage while relaxing in your armchair at home, there are many away from home situations that call for a cigar.  For the aficionado on the go, travel humidors area a great thing to have.

Most aficionados spend good money on home or office humidors to keep their cigars in premium condition.  It is not a good idea to risk losing some of that investment in transit to an event or trip and it is even less advisable to leave your cigars at home rather than take that risk.

For an afternoon meeting, golf outing, or any other day trip, a travel humidor is probably not necessary, a cigar case will do the trick for these types of trips.  However, if you are going to be away from your humidor for longer than a day travel humidors are the way to go.

Cello or no cello?

If you are carrying cigars from your home or office humidor where they have been properly humidified over a period of time it is best to

travel with them in travel humidors bare, but if you have just purchased the cigars from a cigar shop, it is recommended you keep them in their plastic wrappers in your travel humidors.

Most travel humidors utilize a light yet durable plastic or fiberglass polymer for the shell.  This is important for carrying travel humidors on planes or in the outdoors.  Travel humidors are equipped with an o ring or tongue and groove style seal to provide an air tight environment.

Travel humidors will usually have a clasp or latch to secure the lid and provide even more air tightness.  The air tight seal of travel humidors is mostly designed to protect the cigars from changes in air humidity, but it also makes it so travel humidors are waterproof.

Travel humidors carry anywhere from 5 to upwards of 40 cigars.  Travel humidors usually use a normal sponge humidifier system.  Travel humidors usually have a foam interior both for insulation and for impact protection.  If travel humidors are made to carry more than a few cigars, they will likely have multiple levels of foam inserts.  The foam also allows for uniform humidity throughout the travel humidors.  Some travel humidors have a purge valve which allows you to release some of the pressure that may have built up while flying on a plane, climbing a mountain or any other atmospheric change.

Cigar Caddy is one of the leading brands of travel humidors.  Their smaller travel humidors run about $20, their 40 cigar travel humidors run about $60 and they have options between those as well.

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