Honduras has come on strong in the last ten years to become one of the major cigar producing countries. Many people don’t realize how rich of a cigar History Honduras has. Honduran cigars are often among the highest rated and most reasonably priced cigars.

Honduran Cigar History

Honduran tobacco growers had been turning out nice Honduran Cigars for more than a century, but things changed when Cuban cigar makers fled nationalization after the revolution and resettled in countries like Honduras. In the 1960’s the finest Cuban cigar making practices, traditions, and depth of knowledge were put to use in places like the city of Danli, El Paraiso, and the Jamastran Valley.

It certainly encouraged the growth of quality Honduran Cigars that Cuban tobacco seed smuggled out of Cuba grew incredibly well in these rich soils and ideal climate. The stage was set for the best Honduran Cigars to take their place among premium offerings in the industry, regardless of origin.

Top Honduran Cigar Brands

Casa Torano by Carlos Torano

The Torano family in Honduras makes Casa Torano cigars. The Casa Torano is a mild-to-medium cigar packed with flavor. This cigar is mild enough for a beginner, but has a complex flavor that will satisfy most seasoned smokers, also. The taste is rich and smooth, and very enjoyable all the way down to the last two inches of the cigar.

Gran Habano Connecticut #1

The Gran Habano Connecticut #1 cigar is mild-to-medium bodied, but closer to the upper end of that range. Guillermo Rico in Honduras makes Gran Habano cigars. The Connecticut #1 blend is made with Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers and a blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. This would make a great cigar for beginners, as well as for mainstream cigar smokers who enjoy a flavorful cigar that is not too strong.


Gispert is a mild-to-medium bodied cigar made in Honduras. This is a very easy smoking cigar. It has an earthy and woodsy flavor with hints of leather. The aroma is quite pleasing also, with wood and leather undertones. And for only about $3 per stick, the price is very reasonable.

Rocky Patel Vintage

The Vintage series from Rocky Patel is what made the brand famous. These are some of the finest Honduran Cigars produced today. The Vintage 1999 is the mildest of the vintage series with the Vintage 1990 and 1992 more in the medium range. The newest addition to the Vintage line is the Vintage 2003 Cameroon.

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