Davidoff of Geneva

The quality of Davidoff cigars is unmatched in the cigar industry. This is because Davidoff controls every step of the process to make their cigars.  They meticulously control every step of the process from growing the tobacco all the way to shipping the cigars to the retailer. In certain parts of the US and Europe they own the retail stores also. This allows them to produce an amazingly consistent cigar brand.

Arturo Fuente

The Arturo Fuente brand is one of the most famous cigar brands in the industry today.  Fuente is known for producing ultra rare cigar blends including Opus X, Anejo, and Hemingway to name a few. Fuente also makes highly rated regular production cigar brands.

From humble beginnings in Tampa Florida’s Ybor city, Fuente grew from a small bundle cigar maker into the powerhouse they are today. Many cigar brands are made in Fuente’s Dominican cigar factories for other companies. A few of these cigar brands include: Montesino, Ashton Classic, Ashton VSG, and Ashton ESG.


The Padron family fled Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba in the late 1950’s. Many years later they setup operations in Miami and  Esteli, Nicaragua. Padron’s cigar brands are consistently the highest rated in the cigar industry. They have more 90+ rated cigar blends than any other cigar manufacturer. Recently Padron cigar brands have been rated the number one cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado magazine.

Padron controls every aspect of their cigar growing, rolling, and distribution very tightly. They grow all of their own tobacco on their farms and roll the cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. Padron is known for selling only to select retail cigar shops around the world. They are one of only a few cigar brands not widely available on the Internet. Padron has a very strict pricing policy and does not allow discounting of their cigar brands.

La Flor Dominicana (LFD)

A relative newcomer to the cigar industry, La Flor Dominicana has not been around for 50+ years like many other cigar brands. LFD is considered to be a pioneer in making strong cigars with Ligero tobacco. Ligero leaves add significant strength and intense, rich flavors to cigars. Small batch and limited release cigars are another specialty of LFD. Many of these limited cigars regularly receive top ratings and reviews.

Their newest release “The Digger” maduro has been a surprise top seller. The digger is one of the largest cigars on the market today at 9”x60 ring gauge. LFD will continue to be on the cutting edge of strong cigars for many years to come.

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