Tierra Volcán Grande

The Cigar we are reviewing today is the Tierra Volcán Grande Blended by Claudio Sgroi and produced at Casa Mombacho. The wrapper, binder and filler are Nicaraguan. The size is 6.25 with a 54 Ring Gauge.
The Volcán Grande is nicely packaged with a somewhat plain gold and brown band. It is a tightly rolled nice looking and feeling cigar. A few veins in the slightly oily wrapper. I found it to be very professionally made with a solid cap.

First impression – Touching it to the tongue I got a tobacco taste with a hint of pepper and earthy flavor. Rich tobacco was the most prominent smell with a slight hint of pepper and oats. The pre-light draw was almost too easy which was somewhat surprising. Again the tobacco was the prominent taste with the pepper and oat flavor fighting hard to be found.

After lighting – The first draw brought out the mild taste of the tobacco but you had to search to find the underlying pepper and oat taste. My first impression was that this was going to be a very mellow somewhat bland cigar. About ½” in it began to develop a little more body with the tobacco still the dominant flavor. The ash was very solid which surprised me knowing the draw was so easy. I found that the easy draw allowed the cigar to burn hot and somewhat bitter until I slowed down the smoke process somewhat.

At the one third point – The cigar was beginning to get a little bit of an attitude about 1/3rd in. I appreciate a cigar with character but I like it to be a somewhat pleasant character. This cigar was beginning to leave an aftertaste but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. The tobacco flavor was rich but overpowering and hint of spice or pepper. The construction was still good and solid and the burn was fairly even. The ash had lost some of its solid form but nothing that was hard to handle.

Two thirds in – I found Tierra Volcán Grande to be a good cigar but not an exciting cigar at the two thirds point. The solid feel was impressive still. From a taste perspective it had gained strength to where it would quality as a medium to bold body cigar. The last couple inches were bold and the tobacco taste lingers on the taste buds heavily. I am somewhat known for smoking a good cigar down to where my moustache is in danger but I did not find this cigar to be worth the risk of a facial flame out.

Overall – Everybody has their own tastes and their own expectations so I rarely rate a cigar low simply because it doesn’t meet my expectations so I just say I was a little disappointed but you might not necessarily be. It provides a rich tobacco taste throughout but it can burn a little hot and bitter unless you pace yourself. This is a cigar that is meant to be smoked slowly. If you try to rush the process it definitely is detrimental to the taste. The construction was excellent, the burn was even, the aroma it put out was mild and not offensive and the slow burn was something I usually look forward to. The taste, well, … did I mention the construction was excellent ?

Who would I recommend this cigar to? – If you are a hard core cigar smoker who wants the taste of the tobacco and very little more, then I believe you should try this cigar. It starts out mild but really comes on strong towards the end so you would appreciate that. If you are a cigar smoker who wants a slight bit of pepper or spice with your tobacco or if you want a smooth mild smoke throughout then I don’t feel you would like this cigar.


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