The Thompson Cigars name has been a big name in American cigars for a long time.  The oldest mail order cigar company in the country, Thompson Cigars has been in the cigar business for almost a hundred years.  Thompson Cigars is a Florida based cigar retailer that opened its doors in 1915.

Thompson Cigars Company History

Thompson Cigars owner Robert Franzblau bought the company in 1960 and the business has continued to grow and thrive.  Thompson Cigars has always been a predominantly mail order retailer, but they do have a retail store in Tampa, Florida where the company is headquartered.

The retail store is an outlet type store that basically gives customers access to the huge selection from which Thompson mail order customers order.  For many years the company ran on the mail order catalog basis.

The cigar retail store market has always been a hit or miss venture for big cigar companies like Thompson Cigars so Thompson has taken advantage of the convenience of allowing customers to have their purchases delivered to them at home.

Thompson Cigars Customers and Inventory

The most current numbers estimate Thompson Cigars has over six hundred thousand active customers.  Also of note, Thompson has the largest inventory storage humidor in the United States.  The humidor measures a whopping three hundred thousand square feet.  And it is full of every cigar choice you could want.

Thompson Cigars on the Internet

Since the advent of the internet, Thompson Cigars has adapted its model to offer all the same great variety of inventory through an online store.  Some Thompson catalog faithful still use the mail order catalog, but many customers have turned to ordering their cigars from the Thompson website.

Thompson Cigars Website Deals

Some of the great Thompson Cigars offers at their “cigars with free shipping” list, their “three fers”, “two fers”, and “five pack fever” among others.  Thompson also gives great cigar deals for customers who agree to sign up for the company’s email lists.  Letting them do a little direct advertising is worth that to them.

Thompson Cigars customers can also get 10% off any purchase when they sign up for their email list.  Thompson also offers good deals to customers who refer a friend to the Thompson site.  Thompson online customers can get a $10 gift card when they make their first purchase.

Thompson Cigars also has a club.  Customers who join the Thompson club can also get deals by joining their club.  Like a farm co-op or a Costco, if you are a member of the Thompson club, you get free stuff and good cigar deals.

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