Bulk cigars can be purchased in cigar boxes.  This is good way to save some money on a tried and true favorite.  While a single cigar may cost $6, a box of 20 of the same cigar will run you around $108.

Cigar Care

It is important to note however, that cigars do have a shelf life when not properly stored, so the bulk value may not bear out if the smoker does not have a home humidor or other place to store his cigars.  Cigar boxes are a great gift, but the frequency with which the receiver smokes should be considered for the same reasons as just stated.  Cigar boxes usually hold from 20 to 25 cigars.

Cigar Box Design

Cigar boxes vary in material and construction.  Some are made of paper or cardboard and others are made with a light wood.  Some older boxes were made of tin of other lightweight metals.

They usually are opened from the top and have either a hinged cover or a slide-lid or a

cabinet selection.  Cigar boxes are also known for their artistic qualities.  Much thought and effort is put into the design of a brand or line’s cigar boxes.

Cigar boxes often have a lifespan much longer than the cigars and are used in many different ways.  Used or empty cigar boxes are often used to decorate bookshelves or desks, as keepsake boxes, or for other home and office décor.  This is important to most cigar producers as a unique opportunity to get their brand name into the household.

Cigar Box Humidors

Wooden cigar boxes are often recycled to make humidors.  The nice wooden boxes many high end cigar producers use to ship their cigars can be turned into a humidor by adding a temperature and humidity gauge.  Interestingly cigar boxes are also used to make guitars and violins and as a common prop for juggling acts.

An average empty cigar box will cost about three dollars and can be found online or at your local antique store, thrift store or knick-knack shop.  Of course you can also purchase them from your local tobacconist if you are not particular about age.

Cigar Box Values

Most popular cigar boxes are valued because of their retro look and vintage old world quality.   Depending on the age and brand of the cigar boxes some can be as expensive as twenty dollars.  A famous previous owner may help the value as a collector’s item as well.

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