In today’s market there is a distinct identity attributed to cigar stores.  Cigar stores in the United States are generally a hybrid mix of a store and a lounge.  Sometimes known as a tobacconist, cigar stores offer all forms of tobacco as well as the devices necessary to use tobacco.  They usually offer for sale anything that can be remotely associated with tobacco consumption from pipes, to canes, to Indian statuettes.

What makes Cigar Stores different?

Like most stores, they have racks and shelves full of their products and are open to the public for general perusing and purchasing.  But unique to the cigar store is the encouragement to stay a while and go ahead and enjoy what you have just purchased.

The equivalent of a grocery store equipped with a kitchen and dining room, cigar stores today usually have a cutter at the counter a plenty of lighters around, and a lounge furnished with nice comfy leather chairs and flat screen TVs.  Many cigar stores host poker nights and club meetings as well.

Cigar clubs and lockers at Cigar Stores

Some cigar stores have a club where you can rent a locker to store your cigars and maybe even a strong drink to enjoy with them when you come in.  With indoor smoking bans in bars and restaurants in many states, cigar stores are an inviting place for smokers who wish to enjoy the company of other smokers in the comfort of a living room type setting.  This is also beneficial for those who have children or non-smoking spouses at home.

Most cigar stores have a community of regular patrons loyal and dedicated to their cigar stores.  Most cigar stores are open late to allow for patrons to get in a game of poker after work or to watch through the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football.  Cigar stores are a popular alternative to bars for the post-college age socialite.

One true example of a cigar store not fitting this mold is the United Cigar Stores chain.  For most of the 20th century United Cigar Stores had cigar stores across the nation.  They were designed as a much more traditional shop, but they specialized in tobacco sales only.  This model went the way of the Dodo in the 1970s and has been all but replaced by the new generation of cigar stores.

Many tobacco products are available at convenience stores and gas stations, but to find the high quality product and the tobacco smoking culture you must look to your local cigar stores.

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