The cigar shop holds a unique place in today’s marketplace.  A cigar shop is a specialty shop that sells primarily cigars, but also other tobacco products and smoking accessories.  Also known as a tobacconist, your local cigar shop is the best place to find experienced cigar salesman, as well as a cigar community.


The community arises out of the unique set up of the cigar shop.  The cigar shop in the United States is usually a hybrid mix of shop and lounge/bar.  As with most any shop there is the expected stock of goods on shelves and racks which are available to the public for perusing or, as the shop keeper hopes, purchasing.

In a cigar shop, however, customers are encouraged to pull up a chair, take a load off, stay a while and enjoy the product they have just purchased.  Many a cigar shop has a room separate from the humidor and sales counter where a shopper will find comfortable leather couches, armchairs and poker tables.

Cigar Lounge

As is standard today most every shop has a flat screen TV or two so patrons can kick back and watch the game or the news or whatever they like.  The end tables at the shop will have ash trays, lighters and cutters to help you get to smoking your new cigar.

A cigar shop might host a weekly poker night, or a club meeting.  The shop may also encourage its regulars and locals to rent a box in their multi locker wall humidor if they don’t have a home humidor, or prefer to do all their smoking at the shop.  The indoor smoking bans in places like restaurants and bars drive many cigar smokers to the cigar shop to enjoy their smokes.

The shop is also good for people with non smoking spouses or kids at home.  A cigar shop will usually stay open late to allow patrons to see the end of any game that might be on.  While often associated with men, the cigar shop is a welcome place for any cigar smoking women as well.

The benefits of doing your cigar shopping at a local cigar shop, rather than online or from a mail order catalog are many.  Not only do you get to actually see and handle the potential purchases yourself, and interact with the friendly and knowledgable staff, you get to be a part of the local cigar community that hangs out at the shop.

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