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Cigar Dave, Popular Radio Personality

Cigar Dave is a popular radio personality on American radio.  David Zeplowitz is the man behind the Cigar Dave name.  Zeplowitz is also known as The General.  Cigar Dave is the creator and host of the radio program Smoke This!.

Smoke This! is a nationally syndicated radio show which is completely dedicated to the cigar smoking world.  Dave is a Buffalo, New York native who is an alum of New York’s Syracuse University.  Today he lives in America’s cigar city, Tampa, Florida.

Cigar Dave’s Smoke This!

Dave began Smoke This! in July of 1995 on Tampa’s WSUN.  The hour long radio show was an instant hit and by the end of the year the station gave Dave a two hour spot.  His growing base of listeners are referred to as his Cigar Lieutenants.

Dave continually gained popularity and today can be heard on over one hundred and twenty different radio stations in the United States.  Dave’s broadcast hits the airwaves every Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

Dave can also be heard on XM radio at 165 Extreme Talk.  You can even catch Cigar Dave streaming on the internet.  Smoke This! is independently owned and produced by Cigar Connoisseur Radio Network which Dave owns.

Cigar Dave Television Show

Dave even has his own television show called The Cigar Dave Show which airs locally in Tampa, Florida Saturday nights at 11:35.  The show focuses on cigars, and cigar related endeavors such as fine wine, grilling, and music.

Dave begins every Smoke This! show with his patented “Long Ashes!” greeting.  This signals Dave and his lieutenants to engage in the national cigar lighting ritual.  Dave routinely discusses cigars and all things cigar related, but he doesn’t stop there.

He shares opinions about directly related topics such as gambling, wine and spirits, but also weaves in many discussions about current world events and popular culture stories.  As with most popular radio shows today, Dave has a cast of recurring callers and guest characters which include Colonel Ange Puccio, Captain Paul Billoni, Mick the Brit Smith, among others.

One of the recurring themes Dave discusses is the modern proliferation of taxes and smoking bans in America.  Dave uses George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 as an allegory for the current tobacco legislation.

Instead of Orwell’s Big Brother, Dave calls the tobacco regulators Big Pleasure or the Pleasure Police.  He doesn’t limit his criticism to tobacco regulation, but also derides the government for its limitation on American citizens’ liberty to drink adult beverages and even suggests that they will be regulating coffee soon.

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