Examine a cigar box and you will notice the intricate details making each brand so unique. An amazing amount of work goes into the design and artwork for each cigar box. Some cigar boxes are simple and clean while others contain elaborate detail. For many cigar brands as much work goes into the box design as the cigar blend itself.

How cigar boxes are made

Most cigar boxes are made in warehouses located near the cigar rolling facilities. Cigar box factories are mostly found in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Cigar factories are large warehouses containing heavy woodworking equipment, presses and raw materials.

The best cigar boxes are lined with Spanish Cedar and made entirely by hand. The Spanish cedar is shaped with belt sanders then painted and the assembled.  After assembly the boxes are pressed with logos and other information and labels. Many cigar companies spend more money on their cigar boxes than the cigars themselves. This process yields a beautiful presentation for the cigars.

Types of cigar boxes

Cardboard– Cigar manufacturers sometimes choose to use cardboard boxes. The advantages of cardboard are cost savings, ease of production and design flexibility. The downsides of cardboard boxes are improper aging, cheap feel and less durability. Cardboard boxes look nice but they are not good long-term storage for aging cigars.

vintage cigar box tinselman.typepad.com
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vintage cigar box tinselman.typepad.com

Hardwood – Less expensive wood cigar boxes are often made from various inexpensive hardwoods and covered with ornate paper. These boxes are similar to cardboard boxes in appearance but much more durable. This is the most common type of box produced for mid priced premium hand rolled cigars. These boxes are often lined with cedar sheets to help the cigars age well.

Why is Spanish Cedar important?

Spanish cedar is very important in cigar boxes for many reasons including aging, tobacco beetles and taste. Cigars left to age in boxes lined with Spanish cedar tend to pick up hints of cedar in their flavor and smooth out over time. This is why all good cigar humidors are lined with Spanish cedar. Another benefit to Spanish Cedar is protection from tobacco beetles. The cedar is a deterrent to the small creatures  that live in tobacco. They will hatch when humidity and temperature are over 80 degrees and 75% causing irreparable damage to the cigars.

Uses for cigar boxes

Many people use cigar boxes for very interesting and unique things. Cigar box guitars and purses are very popular crafts this year. Other people use them to store workshop items or jewelry.

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