The following are arguably the three most famous cigar brands in history.  Their names have become almost synonymous with the word cigar.  They all have a similar history and have benefitted from clever marketing and alertness to the circumstances around them and ability to adapt.  There are others that may rival these for most famous, but these three are certainly at the top of the list.


Cohiba is probably the most well known of cigar brands in history.  Much of this cigar brands name recognition however is due to its founders’ keen cleverness.  Cuba was once the cigar capital of the world.

Cohiba was one of the best acclaimed of Cuban cigar brands.  Some still consider Cuban cigars to be the best, but due to the political disagreements between the Cuban government and the American government it is illegal to bring Cuban made goods, including cigars onto American soil.

The Cuban government nationalized the cigar industry and took over Cohiba and all other Cuban cigar brands.  When this happened, the founders moved their operation to the Dominican Republic taking with them the seeds, the knowledge, and the name.  These non-Cuban Cohibas are known as red dot Cohibas because of the red dot in the middle of the O in the brand.

Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta has a similar history to that of Cohiba.  Originally produced in Cuba in 1885, Romeo y Julieta quickly became one of the world’s best cigar brands.  When the Cuban government took over the cigar industry Romeo y Julieta was moved to the Dominican Republic and now operates under the same brand name.

The Cuban government owned brand continues to produce cigars under this brand name today.  This parallel effort helps to make Romeo y Julieta one of the most famous cigar brands, even though it is really two cigar brands with the same name.


Montecristo is also one of the most famous cigar brands in the world.  As was the case with the previous two cigar brands, Montecristo is actually two cigar brands.  Montecristo was originally one of the many world famous Cuban cigar brands.

But when the communist Cuban government took over the cigar industry, the Montecristo folks went to the Dominican Republic and continued their storied tradition.  It continues to benefit from being two cigar brands in one as most cigar smokers don’t know or don’t care about the difference.


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