Flavored cigars are a unique product in the cigar industry.  While all cigars are of course flavored in some respect as the all have a flavor, the cigars categorized as flavored cigars usually have a flavored enhancement that adds some nontobacco flavor to the cigar.  These cigars are often flavored with sweet flavors.

The history of the flavored cigar is not clear, but what is clear is that the flavored cigar has been around for a long time.  The classic process of creating a flavored cigar involves adding a flavored element to the curing process of the tobacco used to make the cigar.

Flavored Cigar Process

For example, coating or soaking the tobacco leaves in a vanilla based concoction will allow the tobacco to absorb the vanilla flavor.  Then when the flavored tobacco is smoked it has a unique but noticeably vanilla element to it.

Some cigars are flavored because the filler tobacco is flavored; other cigars are flavored because the wrapper tobacco is flavored.  Flavored wrapper tobacco cigars give the smoker a flavored lip contact while the flavored filler tobacco gives the smoke a flavored sense.

Machine Made Flavored Cigars

For a long time the flavored cigar was usually limited to the cheaper machine made cigars.  The flavored cigars were mass produced flavored cigars, usually flavored with artificial components.  This did not comport with the premium cigar for a long time because using artificial ingredients in a premium cigar cuts down on the value and prestige of the cigar.

However, recently some premium hand made cigar companies have ventured into the flavored cigar market.  These flavored cigars use natural ingredients in the curing process to give a cigar a flavored quality.

While most machine made cigars are flavored with vanilla, cherry, peach, apple or some other run of the mill flavors, the premium hand made versions are flavored with whiskeys, amaretto, Irish cream, coffee, or other more luxurious flavors.


Although flavored cigars are often the first kind of cigar a novice cigar smoker tries, the difference between a flavored cigar and other cigars is so vast that someone trying cigars for the first time should probably try not try a flavored cigar first.

A note of caution to the flavored cigar smoker.  A flavored cigar should not be kept in the same humidor as your other cigars, because the flavored characteristics of your flavored cigar is likely to affect the other non flavored cigars in your humidor.

Some popular machine made flavored cigars are Swisher Sweets, Phillies, and White Owls.  Premium flavored cigars include the CAO Flavours line, the Helix Remix, Acid Kuba Kuba and Tabak Especial, among others.  Many liquor brands like Makers Mark also have flavored cigar lines.

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