Benefits of buying Premium Cigars online

Technology has changed the face of the consumer world.  With the click of the button now we can shop for cigars online and have them delivered to your door step without getting off the couch.  This is a great advantage for people who don’t live near a particular store or want a good that is not sold anywhere nearby.

This is always the best situation for things like apparel, books and other mass produced uniform, nonperishable, and durable consumer goods.  It is not great for unique, perishable, or breakable consumer goods.  So where do cigars fall on this spectrum?

Cigars, although they do need to be stored in a properly humidified environment, are not strictly perishable.  If they are outside of their ideal environment for too long they can be rehumidified.  Cigars are not very durable.  They can easily be damaged.  So overall there are some concerns inherent in the decision whether to buy cigars online.

If you do choose to buy cigars online some of the best sites to go to are the following:

Thompson Cigar

The Thompson Catalog used to be your old fashioned run of the mill mail order retail catalog.  Before the internet, this was the only way you could shop from your couch for cigars.

Thompson always has great deals on some of the best cigars out there.  They have been in this business for a long time and know how to store, handle, and ship cigars properly.

Famous Smoke

Famous Smoke is a great place to buy cigars online.  They have a great selection and always do a great job of describing their products.  This is augmented by their customer reviews.

Unlike most shops famous smoke relies on its customers to engage each other in the conversation about the characteristics and quality of different products they offer.

Cigars International CI

Cigars international is one of the biggest cigar companies in the world.  They have a great website for you to buy cigars online.  They always have great deals and have everything a cigar lover could ever be looking for.  If you are going to buy cigars online cigars international is the one to trust.

JR Cigars JR Cigar is also a great and trusted name in the conversation of where to buy cigars online.  They have a unique deal where you can buy cigars online that are known as the JR alternative selection.

JR cigars purchase the alternative selection cigars from various renowned cigar makers, but the cigars are unmarked.  This allows them to sell them for a significant discount.  For instance a bundle of 10 unmarked Ashton Churchills are $40.95 when they are usually sold for $65.

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