Serious Cigars is an American cigar retailer owned and operated by Ron Lesseraux.  Serious Cigars was started in 1997 as a web based cigar retailer.  After years of success online, Serious Cigars opened its first retail store in Houston, Texas in 2003.

Now Serious Cigars still has an ever growing online retail presence, as well as two more local retail stores in the Houston, Texas area.  Serious claims to be the biggest in Texas, which is always saying something.

Serious Cigars Premium Cigar Selection

Serious Cigars is very particular about what cigar brands and lines they carry.  Unlike other cigar superstores, Serious specializes in top tier brands and tried and true favorites.  In the interest of customer service, they only carry cigars they have smoked, and usually only cigars they like to smoke themselves.

Because of their select inventory, Serious keeps a live cigar inventory on its website to ensure no order is placed they can’t fill.  Serious tries to fill online orders the day of or next day after the order at the latest.

There are some cigars that Serious carries that they are not allowed to post online because the manufacturer wants to protect themselves from price undercuts by competing manufacturers.  Serious provides a list of these cigars on their website and just asks that you call and talk to them about the cigars you want.

Serious Cigars Premium Cigar Deals

As with most online cigar retailers, Serious drives traffic to their site with great promotions and cigar deals.  Serious always has freebie deals and sampler packs to encourage folks to try some new and different offerings of cigars.

Serious also carries cigar accessories, apparel and other tobacco products.  Serious does a great job of keeping their customers informed via their Heads Up page on the website.  This page fills customers in on current changes in the cigar industry like new cigars or the discontinuation of certain brands or lines.

Serious Cigars on Twitter

They also have a monthly newsletter they send out to tell their customers about new deals and upcoming events.  You can also join the Serious family on facebook or follow Serious Cigars on Twitter.  You can also subscribe to the Serious Cigars You tube channel to see footage from Serious events and other unofficial cigar outings.

Serious Cigars Texas Cigar Festival

Serious Cigars has sponsored the Texas Cigar Festival every spring for the past several years.

If you are in the Houston area stop by one of their local stores, but if not, visit Serious at

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