Cigars cases are the suggested mode of transporting a small number of cigars when you are on the go.  Because cigars are easily damaged when put loosely in a pocket or in a travel bag, it is a good idea to carry them in cigar cases.

Cigars are too dignified to be carried in a plastic bag anyway.  Think of the impression made when people pull out a Ziploc full of cigars compared to cedar lined leather cigar cases.

Exposing cigars to the open air for too long can be detrimental as well, so cigar cases always seal in order to keep the exposure to a minimum.  If you carry cigars in your coat pocket, cigar cases also protect your cigars from rain, coffee spills and overzealous huggers.

Cigar case shapes and sizes

Cigar cases come in many shapes and sizes, but often hold from one to three cigars.  Many cigar cases are made of leather, fiberglass or other lightweight yet durable material.  Cigar cases carrying only one cigar are also known as tubes.

Some cigar cases consist of multiple single tubes and a separate protective pocket.  Cigar cases are great for protecting your cigars while on cigar worthy activities like travelling, camping, hunting, and golfing.

If you are carrying cigars from your home or office humidor where they have been properly humidified over a period of time it is best to travel with them bare, but if you have just purchased the cigars from a cigar shop, it is recommended you keep them in their plastic wrappers in your cigar cases.

Travel Humidors

If you are going to a meeting or event and will only be gone for no more than a day, cigar cases should do the trick.  If you are going on a weekend trip or longer, you may want to consider a travel humidor instead of cigar cases.

One cool feature of some cigar cases is the telescoping tube feature.  Cigar cases equipped with this feature allow you to carry cigars of

almost any length by extending to a greater length while still maintaining the airtight seal.

These cigar cases allow you to carry a Short Story and a Churchill at the same time.  Some cigar cases are equipped with pockets for cutters or other necessary accessories as well.

Cigar cases are a great gift at the holidays or for events like weddings or graduations or births.  They can easily be customized with engraving or stamping.  Most cigar cases range from $20 to $50.  You can find some top of the line cigar cases made with crocodile or eel skin for north of $100.

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