For my initial review I chose the My Father Connecticut.

Size: Robusto – 5 ¼ x 52
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut-seed
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua

I have smoked a few My Father cigars in the past and they were quite enjoyable. This one intrigued me since it was a Connecticut wrapper and I am not a huge fan of bolder cigars. I smoked this cigar on my back deck with a glass of Elmer T. Lee bourbon. I generally always smoke while enjoying a nice glass of bourbon or an occasional beer. I have found that those drinks help cleanse the pallet so that I can observe how the cigar changes flavors through each third.

My Father Connecticut At First-Glance:
The wrapper seemed very smooth and not too veiny. It is a little darker than your traditional Connecticut wrappers but nothing that would deter someone who is looking for a lighter smoke.

My Father Connecticut The 1st Third:
I took an initial draw from the cigar before I lit it and detected some notes of leather and barn. Upon being lit, the cigar had a spicy taste to it and was not as mild as one might think. I would say it was more of a medium strength cigar than you would think. If you want to get the full extent of spice, exhale your draw through your nose. It burned very evenly and had a very tight bind to it that allowed for a long stable ash.

My Father Connecticut The 2nd Third:
This is the where things start to change a little. The spicy flavor moved in to a more peppery flavor and a dry taste to it. The overall flavor was still really good and it still maintained its medium strength. It began to burn a little uneven and I had to relight once during.

My Father Connecticut The Final Third:
The cigar became a little more bold than one would expect for a Connecticut wrapper but still tolerable for those that like a lighter smoke. I typically have a tough time smoking many cigars very far into their final third but I was able to handle this one more than most.

My Father Connecticut Overall:
I would recommend this cigar and will smoke it again. If you are a fan of Connecticut wrappers then be prepared for a bolder flavor than what your typically used to but I would also recommend you try this cigar if you are wanting to branch out a little. I have found that My Father typically offers a very consistent smoking cigar and I find that hard to say about a lot of cigar manufacturers. They are at a very good price point for the quality smoke you get.

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