PuroExpress site reviews good and bad Puro Express
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PuroExpress site reviews good and bad Puro Express

While Cuban cigars continue to be illegal to import or consume anywhere in the world for U.S. citizens several websites claim to be able to ship to the U.S with no problems. Puroexpress is one of the top rated websites shipping cigars illegally into the U.S.

Puroexpress Positive Reviews

Puroexpress has received great reviews from numerous websites. Here are a few of the reviews.

According to Steve’s review on Cigar inspector http://www.cigarinspector.com/puroexpress

This review from the Cigar Inspector website talks about Puroexpress’ low everyday prices and great selection. The reviewer states they have purchased from Puroexpress two times with no problems. They received the order within five days of placing the order and were really impressed with the customer service.  The customer stated they feel Puroexpress has the best customer service of any Internet cigar retailer they have dealt with.

The lone negative from this review was that Puroexpress will not allow you to specify a box date on your order. So if you are looking for a cigar from a certain past year you may be better off using another cigar retailer.

Kapred6150 review on Cigar Inspector

This user stated they are very skeptical of buying Cuban cigars on the Internet in general but have been very happy with their six purchases made with Puroexpress. Kapred6150 points out that all of their boxes purchased had the correct seals and barcodes and were verified on the Habanos website. They smoke very well and this user has no doubt the cigars are authentic

Negative Puroexpress Reviews

From the smoking stogie


The smoking stogie recently released an interesting review of the custom blend Puroexpress Bespoke and other custom Cuban cigar blends. The Puroexpress Bespoke is one of many custom Cuban blends that are gaining popularity. Companies like Puroexpress produce many custom blends.

Reviews of these custom Cuban blends have been mixed according to thesmokingstogie.com. They say that just because the blends are Cuban or that they are blended by well know level 8 rollers does not make them an automatic hit.

They go on to say these inconsistencies are caused by the blenders sometimes misleading the consumer with promises of aged tobacco and not following through. The puroexpress custom blends are subject to the same problems and inconsistencies of the regular Cuban blends.

Good and Bad Puroexpress reviews

There are a few negative reviews of Puroexpress out there also. One example is found herehttp://en.allexperts.com/q/Cigars-2143/f/online-purchasing-cuban-cigars.htm

Johnny RED writes that a reliable source directed him to Puroexpress. He ordered and was happy with no problems but remained skeptical. The prices seemed to good to be true. On closer inspection the bands and boxes did not seem right. His conclusion was that there is a good chance they were counterfeit.

Keep in mind Cuban cigars are illegal for U.S. citizens anywhere in the world due to the trade embargo with Cuba.

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