There are many pipe lighter options on the market today. Lighters, matches, cheap, expensive, what is the best way to choose? When it comes to lighting your pipe, there are always discussions about what is the best thing to use. There is the famous debate about lighters VS matches. Because whether to use lighter or matches is mostly a personal preference, this article will stick to lighters. Hopefully it gives those who are looking for a lighter a little more insight on which lighter to choose.

Xikar Pipeline

The Pipeline lighter from Xikar is tough to beat. This lighter has a retro style with a flint ignition system. Pipe lighters with a flint will last much longer the than your average lighter since there is no electronic ignition to fail. The Pipeline includes a built-in stainless steel pipe tamper. Don’t forget all Xikar lighters include a no questions asked warranty. Most reputable tobacconists are able to exchange faulty Xikar lighters in store to save you money on shipping costs.

Xikar Resource

Another great pipe lighter from Xikar is the Resource. This lighter is the swiss army knife of pipe

lighters. Built in tools include a knife, poker and tamper in addition to a nice angled candle flame. This durable lighter ignites with a simple pull-back ignition to reveal an angled candle flame.

Xikar Scribe

Many pipe lighters are bulky and heavy, not so with the scribe from Xikar. This lighter is roughly the size of your favorite pen and features the flint ignition system which means it will last forever. Its unique pull-apart action starts the flow of butane and makes it very easy to light.

Zippo 218PL

Everyone loves the all American Zippo lighter. The Zippo 218PL is a very solid functional pipe lighter. The flint wheel and wick combo are incredibly reliable. Zippo pipe lighters are made to the same high quality standards as Zippo windproof pocket lighters. The ingenious design encasesthe flame in metal, allowing it to be drawn directly into the pipe without bending over the side. The result: perfectly lit tobacco, with no damage to the pipe.

The insert for a Zippo pipe lighter is the same size as the standard pocket lighter insert, allowing pipe smokers who have a treasured Zippo lighter the option of replacing the insert to continue carrying the favorite case.

Colibri Connaught II

The Colibri Connaught II pipe lighters features a 45 angled flame, built-in pipe tamper, fuel-level viewing window, and easy-access oversized flame adjuster. Colibri lighters include a two year limited warranty

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