Padron 4000 Natural

6×54 Toro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Price: 8.50 (local store)

When most cigar lovers hear the names Davidoff, Opus or Padron the general kneejerk reaction is a subtle groan across the room regarding the price tag that these premium cigars carry. Padron has been crafting cigars since 1964 and makes some of the finest cigars on the face of the planet. In my opinion, they are also one of the most “old school” traditional cigar makers in our industry today. So much so in fact that they don’t even have company representatives. That to me shows a serious confidence in their product and is something that I think only a few companies in the cigar industry could get away with.

The Padron family set out to change this thought process with their 1000 series cigars. Ranging in sizes from their 2000 to 7000 (Robusto to 6×60) and in both maduro and natural wrappers, there is almost surely something out there for you! The best part though comes at the cash register. You are getting a truly excellent cigar handmade to Padron standards for generally less than 10 dollars.

If you have been searching for a fantastic everyday smoke that fits the flavor bill but doesn’t kill the wallet, search no further than any of the Padron 1000 series. While all are excellent, today we will be focusing on the 4000 (Toro) rendition of this cigar.

Pre-light inspection reveals a semi-toothy wrapper with a fair amount of veins in it. There are almost zero visible imperfections in the three that I smoked for this review. The only bit of question there may be to this construction is how surprisingly spongy this cigar is when rolled between the fingers. After smoking it, it seems to simply be how this cigar is constructed and is something you just get to accept.

First Third: Directly after light, you are almost immediately hit with a healthy amount of pepper and spice-something I have found in the vast majority of Padron cigars. While the spice lingers, it does fade away and mellow out rather quickly. So far the draw is outstanding.  Moving on in this third the spice evens itself out with a nice earthy nuttiness–quite pleasant notes for an early morning cigar with a cup of coffee. On the back end there is a very subtle chocolate note that is becoming more and more prevalent. The chocolate note comes and then leaves. At about an inch in the primary note continues to be the earthy nuttiness. Almost all the pepper, spice and chocolate have faded out.

Second Third: The ever-present sweet earthy nutty note continues to shine here and is absolutely the primary flavor but in the background the notes of pepper, spice and a subtle chocolate take you on a carousel ride of subtle taste seemingly every quarter to half inch. While this is not a particularly complex cigar the flavors that are present are outstanding and unmistakable. The construction so far (about halfway) has been nothing short of the Padron standard of excellence. This is a very enjoyable cigar.

Final Third: Continues to be more of the same in the previous thirds. The spice replaces the nuttiness but they simply trade places. The underlying notes are all still present.

Thoughts: The 7 to 10-dollar price range is saturated with many excellent products from brands like Perdomo, Ashton, Arturo Fuente and many many others but in my humble opinion the Padron 4000 sets itself apart for several reasons. First and foremost you are getting the Padron family name, which is simply known for excellence. I have smoked these for about a year almost daily and I cannot think of a single time where I had one not draw perfectly, crack or anything of the sort in poor construction. In addition to the reputation you get when purchasing Padron, this cigar has some dominant flavors that are unmistakably excellent. As mentioned it is not the most complex cigar ever but the beauty is that it is not trying to be. All the Padron 4000 wants to be is an excellent and consistent cigar—something that you know will be good every single time but is also very approachable to just about anyone buying a cigar whether it be a veteran smoker or somebody buying their first stick.

Obviously, its 1926 and 1964 Annaversario brothers outdo this cigar but those are some of the finest cigars in the world that you will obviously pay more for. So as stated in the beginning if you have been searching for a great daily smoke that has brand recognition, incredible flavor and unparalleled consistency then please do yourself a favor and try out the pleasantly surprising and wallet-friendly Padron 4000 natural.

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