There are plenty of websites that offer online cigars.  Being able to sit at home at your computer and purchase whatever you want and have it delivered to your home is a great modern convenience.  This set up is clearly a great advantage for things like apparel, books and other nonperishable, durable, uniform, and mass produced consumer goods.

Not ideal for cigar buying

It is equally not ideal for unique, perishable, or breakable consumer goods.  Online cigars do not fall squarely into either of these extremes but carry qualities of both that make buying online cigars a more complicated question.  Cigars are not exactly perishable because although they need to be kept in the proper conditions, they can be revived if necessary.

Also, while some lower end machine made cigars are “mass produced” most fine cigars are not.  Nonetheless they are generally uniform in that if you order a Montecristo online cigar, you can be pretty certain of what you will get.  So is it advisable to buy online cigars? The answer is sometimes.

Cigar Storage

However there are some other things that should be considered.  First, although cigars are not completely perishable, it is necessary that they be stored properly.  There are ways to minimize the effect of having cigars outside of their ideal conditions while being shipped, short of having online cigars shipped in a humidor; you run some risk of diminished quality when buying online cigars.

As previously mentioned, cigars can be revived or rehumidified to reacquire the ideal smoke.  This of course requires that you own a humidor.  If you or the person for whom you are buying online cigars does not own a humidor online cigars may not be the best option for you.


Another concern of online cigars is initial quality.  While cigar manufacturers do their best to ensure a uniform, predictable product, this is not always perfectly achieved.  Therefore it is beneficial to be able to look at the actual cigars to determine if they have any imperfections like cracks, bends, or dents.  This is not an option for online cigars.

Finally, cigars are delicate if not perishable.  The construction of a fine cigar requires a lot of hard and tedious work and this is not for naught.  The construction of the cigar will determine the quality of the smoke.


Therefore, limiting the amount of the shipping and handling your cigars go through before they get to you is best.  No matter how much you trust the US postal service, no successful shipping operation can dedicate the ideal amount of time to ensure the proper handling of your online cigars. There are costs and benefits to buying online cigars just like anything else.

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