Magic City Vape E Liquids are now on sale at Cigars & More and Tobacco Express in Birmingham, Alabama.

All Magic City Vape locations are located within Tobacco Express and Cigars and More locations. We are pleased to offer 22 flavors in four strengths. Unlike some, our liquid is made in the USA in an FDA audited facility to ensure the tightest tolerances and consistent flavor. We offer sampling of the Magic City Vape Liquid at our Trussville and Centerpoint Tobacco Express locations.
In addition to the Magic City Vape liquids we offer many top name brand liquids as well as hardware from Kanger Tech and Innokin. If you don’t see what you are looking for ask us and we can probably order it for you. All of our sales representatives are extremely knowle
Magic City Vape Birmingham, Alabama Tobacco Express Cigars & More
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dgable and would love to talk to the seasoned veteran or the beginner about our products.

What are E Liquids ?

E liquids produce the water vapor in electronic cigarettes. They come in a variety of fruity and natural flavors including tobacco, menthol, strawberry and cinnamon to name a few. Different levels of nicotine are also available, typically from 0mg to 24mg with 18mg being the most popular. E liquids are typically made in the USA in an FDA audited lab or in China.

E Liquid Cost

The cost of E liquids is all across the board ranging from $2 to $30 generally. The cheaper E liquids tend to be mass produced in China with little or no regulatory oversight. Most of the higher quality E liquids are made in the USA in labs that are audited by the FDA. They include ingredient lists and tend to use higher quality ingredients. With that said currently (July 2014) the FDA has not yet issued regulatory rules for the E liquid and Vape industry. Big changes are coming. Unfortunately no one knows how hard to deal with the new rules will be.

E Liquid Health Risks

Many people are asking what are the health risks of E liquids and vaping in general. Studies have found trace amounts of harmful elements in E liquids though dramatically less than what is found in cigarettes. The jury is still out and most people agree the E liquid and vaping industry needs to be studied further before any conclusions are drawn. The general consensus of the public seems to be that E liquids and vaping must be a good alternative to smoking cigarettes. It will be interesting to see what type of health studies come out in the next few years. Hopefully the FDA will study this new industry rather than kill what might be a great alternative to cigarettes.




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