Among online cigar and tobacco retail operations none compares to JR Cigars. JR cigars is considered one of the largest retail and wholesale cigar and tobacco company in the United States.  One of the key ways JR cigars separates itself from the competition is by the vastness of their inventory.

JR Cigars Website Sells Everything Cigar Related

JR Cigars seeks to provide everything that is available.  They try to carry everything from the five cent cigar to the fifty dollar cigar, and everything in between.  They also carry lighters, cutters, t-shirts, humidors and all other cigar and tobacco related product known to man.

JR Cigars Company History

JR Cigars began as a run of the mill retail store in Manhattan, New York.  This simple operation developed into an online tobacco giant.  JR cigars started the growth process by offering a mail order catalog for customers who couldn’t get into the store, or didn’t have a good local tobacco shop near their home or workplace.

With the advent of the internet and all it offered, JR took advantage of the technological development to change its business model.  The internet boom coincided with the cigar boom of the 90s so the jump was doubly beneficial to the JR cigar company.  Today the great majority of the JR cigar business is done online at

JR Cigars Retail Stores

JR Cigars has not forgotten where it came from though.  JR still has a retail location in Manhattan, NY.  JR also has three local retail locations in North Carolina, two in New Jersey, one in Washington, D.C. and one in Detroit, Michigan.

Although JR still strives to maintain the old spirit of your friendly local family cigar shop, they are now owned by tobacco industry giant Altadis S.A.  Altadis purchased JR in 2003 and JR now operates as an Altadis S.A. subsidiary.

JR Cigars Website Selection

On the JR website customers will find all the cigar and tobacco stuff they ever dreamed of.  Some of the key features of the JR website make JR a uniquely effective online cigar retailer.

For starters, JR has a friendly relationship with many of he world’s leading cigar manufacturers so they are able to get some great deals on the best and most popular cigars on the market, and pass those deals on to their customers.

JR Cigars Website Deals

Between the weekly special and the closeout corner, JR customers always get a good deal.  JR also offers JR alternatives. JR alternatives are lower priced versions of some of the best known cigars, like Arturo Fuente, that are produced for JR without boxes, bands or labels.  The savings the producers see from not having to package the cigars becomes a price advantage for JR customers.


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