“Hello I’m Johnny Cash!” Jericho Hill a Tribute Cigar

Size: 4 3/4” x 52
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

For my second review it looks as though I am keeping it in the family. While this cigar is distributed by Crowned Heads, it is manufactured by for them by My Father.

Crowned Heads is giving tribute to Johnny Cash with this line of cigars since the name of this cigar, Jericho Hill, and the different vitolas for this cigar are all taken from lyrics of Cash’s album At Folsom Prison.

I have smoked this cigar before and thoroughly enjoyed it my first time but this time I made sure to document my enjoyment.

Jericho Hill At First-Glance:
Jericho Hill has a dark wrapper that would appear to be a maduro but it is not labeled as such. The wrapper leaf is a little veiny and has a nice feel in the hand. I used a punch and the draw very easy.

Jericho Hill The 1st Third:
Upon being lit, the cigar had a very savory taste to it. It was a very full last but not too overwhelming that some might expect from a dark wrapper. It maintained a medium strength with some wood and toasted flavors mixed in. Since it had a very easy initial draw, I should have known that the ash was going to be loose and fall all over myself at the first hint of any sizable ash.

Jericho Hill The 2nd Third:
It was at this point that the cigar went from medium strength to a little bit stronger. It wasn’t overwhelming and I would say it was pleasantly intriguing. If you are fan of a medium strength cigar then you will like this. The flavor moved in to the spicier spectrum with some hints of leather.

Jericho Hill The Final Third:
Oddly enough, this final bit of the cigar was more like the first third. I don’t know if I have smoked another cigar that has gone back to its original flavor that it had in the first third. It may have been a tad bit stronger than the first third but not the same as the second third.

Jericho Hill Overall:
I really like this cigar. I would definitely buy it again for the price that it can often be found for in cigar stores. This cigar lasted me a little over an hour and is probably better suited for an evening cigar. I have smoked several other cigars offered by Crowned Heads and so far they have yet to disappoint. Go get one and let me know what you think.

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