By the end of our five question panel, we were starting to feel like our panelists were opening up with us a little, but the responses to our last question were few and far between. José Blanco from Las Cumbres Tabaco – Señorial cigars told me he didn’t speak English anymore. Pedro Gomez from Drew Estate said he hadn’t yet had the opportunity to make his rounds on the morning of the second day of the show.

But I persevered and got a couple of answers……….

Are there any cigars from other cigar makers you’re looking forward to trying?

  • Robert Caldwell, Owner, Caldwell Cigar Co was fresh off his All Out Kings partnership with Drew Estate and had a pair of the Herrera Esteli Miami he was hoping to try from the show.
  • George Sosa, VP of Sales, Alec Bradley hadn’t been able to escape the booth, but freely admitted to smoking cigars for a lot longer than he had worked in the industry. He expects to find something that will wow him in the coming year.
  • Steve Saka, Founder/Owner, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust was curious to get his hands on the All Out Kings collaboration from Caldwell.

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