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Why use a Humidor?

The importance of using humidors for cigars storage and aging cannot be overstated.  Cigars are made with the leaves of the tobacco plant, and just like all naturally occurring vegetation, once harvested, the tobacco leaf begins to deteriorate.

This applies for the filler tobacco, binder tobacco and wrapper leaf tobacco of a cigar.  So if you leave a cigar out in the open air it will dry out, become stale and will not be able to smoke after a short while.  Without using humidors for cigars, your cigars will become cracked and brittle and will burn up like kindling.  So to stop the deterioration you must use humidors for cigars.

Regulation of Humidity

Humidors for cigars allow for the ideal conditions for storage of cigars.  The main function of humidors for cigars is the regulation of the humidity inside the humidor box.  The tobacco will stay fresh for a much longer time if it is stored in an environment with 60 – 70 percent humidity.

Regulation of Temperature

Now humidity and temperature are related in any environment, so you must take temperature into consideration.  Most humidors for cigars do not regulate temperature because most people keep their humidors for cigars in a temperature controlled room like at home or in the office.

At comfortable human regular room temperature humidors for cigars will be able to keep the humidity level around your cigars at a good level.  However for people who keep their humidors for cigars at a hunting lodge, beach house or other getaway location that may not be temperature regulated year round, it should be considered that either taking your humidors for cigars away upon departure or getting humidors for cigars with internal temperature regulation may be necessary.


Humidors for cigars usually have a simple mounted sponge apparatus that naturally emits and absorbs water particles to keep the

humidity level consistent.  Humidors for cigars are generally made with types of wood that are not porous and will not absorb water particles.


It is obviously necessary to have a lid that seals well as well so that no outside air comes in and no water particle escape.  Humidors for cigars need to be checked for refilling the sponge monthly.

Humidors for cigars come in many different varieties ranging from simple desk top humidors for cigars which cost under $50, to much larger and more elaborate humidors for cigars that are more like pieces of furniture.  Humidors for cigars can be found online or at your local tobacconist.

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