The world of smoking accessories provides many different ways to attain the ultimate blend of satisfaction, smoothness, and flavor when looking to get the most out of herbal and/or savory tobacco related products.

The concept and design of water pipes originated centuries ago and since that time, the invention of the bubbler pipe has helped millions to get their smoke on without feeling the harshness of heat penetrating the lip and throat area.

Bubbler Pipes Design

The manufacturing of bubbler pipes has transitioned into an art form designed to gratify even the most selective of connoisseurs; as bubbler pipes come in a number of different shapes and sizes, they’re also available in single and double chamber capacities.

The idea of the bubbler stems from the hookah, a larger device that transports the smoke through a chambered and filtered hydro system. The same principle applies with bubbler pipes, yet in most cases they’re smaller and easier to carry around; however, some bubblers are larger in size and can range anywhere from 10 to 14 inches vertically, while the pocket-sized versions can be as small as 3 ½ inches. Size variation depends upon personal preference, as well as having the option of using a single or dual chambered apparatus.

Bubbler Pipes Operation

Operating single chamber bubbler pipes require adding water to the base at a desired level, which is usually a comfortable distance just below the carburetor, otherwise referred to as the “choke hole.” Also available are the glass on glass—bowl and stem models, where the pipe’s down-stem can be used as a quick release valve to clear the chamber.

Either way, all of the makes and models are easy to use; when inhaling, the smoke travels through the stem and the water begins to bubble, thus keeping the device cool as well as the temperature of the smoke, which can significantly reduce the often raspy sensation felt in the back of the throat.

A double chamber bubbler pipe provides extra filtration that keeps the cooling system in check. The smoke transfers from the first water chamber to the second, which allows for a cleaner and even cooler snap.

Bubbler Pipes Craftsmanship

Most bubblers are twisted from hand-blown borosilicate glass that can produce a multitude of shapes to choose from. This particular type of glass is chiefly used for its durability and resistance to chemicals or thermal expansion.

Dichro–glass can also be used with borosilicate glass to create bubbler pipes that give the appearance of displaying optical illusions. Adding to the visual experience by using oxides and metals such as gold or silver can create different reflective and shifting coloration, which hinges upon the type of lighting used in any given situation.

Clear, frosted, and multicolored bubbler pipes can be purchased over the counter, provided that the minimum age requirements for smoking are met.

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