Honduras has been a tobacco hub for almost 300 years.  The Central American republic was originally conquered and colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century and while gold was the treasure they sought, they found that the soil would yield great riches through tobacco.  The conquistadors found wild tobacco growing in the river valleys as they traveled inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

This discovery was touted by the Spanish crown and used to entice settlers with the promise of great riches from tobacco trade.  Today much of the tobacco growth and Honduran cigar production takes place in the southern region in and around Danli and in the Jamastran Valley. In modern times many of the pioneers of the Honduran cigar and tobacco industry were Cuban exiles.

The nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry and the American embargo on Cuban tobacco opened Honduras up as a great place to produce Honduran cigars.  There are still some challenges for Honduran cigar producers.  Honduras is not always politically stable and lacks the ideal infrastructure for industry.  In some ways Honduras is only a Castro away from communism.

Most Honduran cigars are made with Cuban seed tobacco.  As a result it is often hard for most smokers to distinguish between the Honduran cigar and its Cuban cousins.  Honduran cigars are known to be some of the strongest cigars in the world.

Honduran Cigar Brands

One of the most famous and renowned of Honduran cigars borne out of the Cuban political complications was the Camacho Corojo brand.  The Eiroa family took their vast knowledge and experience in growing and producing world class cigars over to Honduras and began producing Honduran cigars.  They also brought their seed tobacco from the old family farm and found great success using it to make Honduran cigars.

There are other brands of note.  Rocky Patel produces Honduran cigars like the RP 1990, RP 1992, RP Sun Grown, Olde World Reserve, the Edge, and the RP Gran Habano.

Additionally, Punch Honduran Cigars produces Honduran cigar lines such as Gran Puro, Gran Cru, Punch Deluxe, and the Rare Gran Corojo.

Other Honduran cigars include Carlos Torano’s Casa Torano, Baccarat, Casa Magna Oscuro, CAO, Don Jose, Don Lino, Don Mateo, Don Tomas, Excalibur, Flor de Copan, Gispert, Hoyo de Monterrey, Indian Tabac, Puros Indios, Rafael Gonzalez, Saint Luis Rey, Sancho Panza, Santa Rosa, and Zino.

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