Cigar Review of the Hechicera by Sotolongo

Today’s evaluation is for a Hechicera (Ech-ee-Serra) by Sotolongo. The Hechicera is a joint effort by Grace Sotolongo (well known throughout

the cigar world as a Cigar Representative who now owns her own brand) and CLE Cigars (a very high quality cigar manufacturer). The size I had the honor of evaluating was a Robusto, 4.5” x 50.

Like every CLE I have had the pleasure of smoking the construction of the Hechicera was excellent. It was tightly wrapped, solidly packed and the cap was extremely solid. There was a consistent solid feel throughout the cigar. The label was quite impressive with a multicolor blue green and brown artistic design on a red background. It reminded me of a Haight-Ashbury type pattern.

Initial Evaluation
The wrapper was very smooth although the veins were visible. It was moist and well oiled. The color was a dark brown which almost gave the impression that it was a Maduro but the Maduro has its own label so that wasn’t the case. It had an earthy tobacco smell but I could not pick up any distinctive spicy smell at all. I found it particularly hard to punch but that probably comes from the solid construction of the cap itself.

The pre-light draw was easy and gave a slight indication of a sweet spice. By all indications this was going to be a mild cigar. I found it a little hard to light evenly but I’m only human and there could have been a little pilot error involved. The first draw provided a nice mellow cream type spice with a small bit of pepper. The burn quickly evened out and we were off.

The Hechicera Proves To Be a Mild Smoke

Since it was short cigar I really tried to take my time and smoke it slowly. The cigar seemed to work well with this approach and it never tried to smoke itself. The scent it produced was light and non- offensive. It might be acceptable in an open environment around others. The ash was a nice gray/black and solid. A slight thump produced a solid barrel ash. I believe this speaks to the construction of a CLE cigar.

  • At the 1/3 point the cigar was still providing a pleasant cream taste with a dash of pepper which was very enjoyable but it was definitely proving to be a mild cigar. The exhale left you with the cream and pepper more than the inhale. Again the burn began to become uneven and required occasional maintenance.
  • Between the 1/3 and ½ point the cream mellowed out but stayed with it but the pepper taste disappointedly disappeared. I was left with a basic cream and woodsy taste. It was a very mild cigar on from this point.
  • At the 2/3rd point I realized the best part of the cigar was behind me. It had lost some of its solid feel but still held together well. It did burn a little uneven for most of the smoke but in the cigar’s defense I did start out with a somewhat bad light. It might be like a bad drive off the tee box. You seem to end up paying for it the rest of the hole.

Final Cigar Review

If you like mild Hechicera is for you.
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If you like mild Hechicera is for you.

This would be a very good cigar for a beginner or a casual smoker who isn’t looking for even a small bite from their cigar. It was a little too mild for my taste. It’s kind of like listening to a John Denver’s Greatest Hits Album. There’s good music there but when it’s over you realize your toe never tapped. That describes basically how this smoke went. It was a professionally rolled cigar with solid construction and a mild taste but when the smoke was over I realized my toe had never tapped. It was just a very mellow cigar that just didn’t live up to the enjoyment expectations I have come to expect with a cigar associated with CLE. If the presence of the pepper had stayed throughout this would have been a better tasting cigar. The positives were it never burned hot or got the least bit harsh and the construction was excellent (as I have found to be the case with CLE cigars).
Would I buy another one? I’m not much of an early morning cigar smoker but if I was, I would have a few of these on hand for those occasions.

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