Gurkha Cigars symbol of quality and great taste
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Gurkha Cigars

Gurkha Cigars Quality and History

Rolls Royce, Dom Perignon, Rolex and Gurkha cigars. Names synonymous not with just quality, but with the very apex of human endeavor. Just as Mt Everest stands unrivaled as the roof of the world, so too are Gurkha cigars the top in smoking luxury. Originally a favorite of British troops in 1800s Nepal, they were aptly named for the district from whence they came. The part of Nepal where, according to the British that fought against them, the bravery and toughness of its warriors were without peer. Alas, across the mists of time the legendary Gurkha cigars almost entirely disappeared from western consciousness, but for a few British ex-patriots.

Gurkha Cigars The Name

Today the Gurkha namesake has been revived, made with the finest tobaccos chosen from around the world, and the commitment to quality remains. K. Hansotia has introduced a line of cigars worthy of its legendary moniker.

Gurkha cigars are perhaps best known for His Majesty’s Reserve, a limited-production cigar composed of 18-year-old tobacco triple infused with vintage cognac, making it one of the finest high-end cigars made. It is made for kings, presidents, and connoisseurs to celebrate life when only the best will do. Mark Twain said it best “If there are no cigars in heaven, I shall not go.”

Gurkha Cigars Blends

     Gurkha Cigars Grand Reserve

The Gurkha Grand Reserve cigar production is limited to only 500 boxes a year. If one is given to you  it is extremely rare indeed. Fine Dominican tobaccos are infused with Luis XIII cognac, and hand rolled with a Connecticut shade wrapper.

   Gurkha Cigars Genghis Khan

Another highly rated Gurkha cigar blend is the Genghis Khan. The Gurkha Genghis Khan boasts a blend of Indian and Cameroon leaf rolled in a Costa Rican Maduro wrapper. This fine cigar is perfect with a fine single malt whiskey.

     Gurkha Cigars Ancient Warrior

The Gurkha Ancient Warrior, a fairly new blend, is one of the most popular Gurkha cigar lines. Being a medium bodied cigar, the Gurkha Ancient Warrior makes use of a new area in South America that is becoming popular for tobacco production: Brazil. This delicious cigar has a spicy Brazilian wrapper, as well as a Nicaraguan binder, and a Dominican and Honduran filler. After debuting only a few years ago, the Gurkha Ancient Warrior has quickly become an ideal cigar for the medium bodied aficionado that wants a slightly spicy, balanced cigar.

     Gurkha Cigars Vintage Estate Shaggy

The affordable and unique Gurkha Vintage Estate Shaggy , is offered in chests of 100, five packs, as well as boxes of twenty-five. These gems have an unparalleled look, as the foot of the cigar has the shaggy filler tobacco leaves protruding from it. The Gurkha Vintage Estate Shaggy is only offered in larger ring gauges, which allows for the cigar to deliver an abundance of smoke. These cigars have an eight year old Dominican wrapper, as well as a five year old aged Dominican filler and binder.


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