The Fuente Opus X in our opinion is one of the greatest cigars of all time. A perfect blend of strength, flavor and construction. Fuente OpusX cigars are wrapped in Rosado leaves which are grown in the Chateau de la Fuente plantation in a tropic river valley in the Dominican Republic. The Opus name is derived from its unique Rosado leaf wrapper.

Leave us a comment below with your thoughts. Here are a few articles from around the internet about the Fuente Opus X.

Fuente Opus X History posted a great article on the history of the Fuente Opus X and why it was previously thought to be impossible to produce a quality Dominican puro.

“Growing quality wrapper leaves, however, was considered impossible by some producers, due to the topography and the wind on the island. Wrapper leaves must remain on the plant longer, enduring more exposure to the elements. Their growth cannot be rushed, and must not be hurried, since it is only with time that these leaves soak up from the nutrient-laden soil the full, deep flavors that are essential to a fantastic wrapper.

The elements would commonly ruin the leaves before they were ripened to perfection. Using innovative practices, the first marketable crop of cigar wrapper quality tobacco was harvested in 1992. Internally, family and company members were ecstatic with the quality and flavor. Soon, cigar aficionados everywhere were raving as the Opus X line, featuring these deeply satisfying wrappers, hit the scene.

Containing full-bodied Rosado filler leaves and binder grown on the Dominican Republic’s renowned Chateau de la Fuente, a brand was born that would soon become one of the highest rated cigars among industry reviewers and publications, taking its place on prestigious “best of the best” and “top 10” lists.” –

Fuente Opus X Prices

The Fuente Opus X is consistently one of the most expensive cigars on the market today. It is interesting that the Fuente Opus X is also one of the few cigars actually more expensive online than in your local brick and mortar store.

“The rarity and the ratings probably have something to do with it, but I’d bet most of my lofty hopes are due to the cigar’s excessive price. The Fuente Fuente vitola, which measures five and 5/8 inches with a 46 ring gauge, will run you about $25 for a single or $800 for a box of 32. Not exactly economical, especially in a recession.” –

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