When water freezes it expands due to air particles trapped in the water.  Therefore, a pipe filled with water that freezes will cause a blockage of the pipe.  Two problems can arise from this. One your water will not run so you can’t shower or cook or do anything that requires water.

This is particularly problematic because if the weather is cold enough to cause frozen pipes you probably aren’t going outside for a swim or a picnic.  Secondly, frozen pipes can cause increased water pressure between the blockage and the faucet downstream which can cause frozen pipes to burst.  This will extend your time without water and be a pretty costly fix.

In such situations it is often helpful to have a smoke.  Stressful situations are often mitigated by taking some time to sit back and relax and light up your favorite stogie or pipe.  This will help you get some perspective on the situation.

Tasting the sweetness of a good pull can help remind a man with frozen pipes that while he is in an unfortunate situation, at least he is still free to enjoy a smoke in the comfort of his home.

There is also no benefit to freezing a smoking pipe.  Frozen pipes will likely be uncomfortable to hold and to put on your lips.  No one wants to wear gloves to smoke.

It is also doubtful whether the temperature will enhance the smoking experience.  The obvious fact that tobacco must be lit on fire to be smoked would also take away from the usefulness of frozen pipes.  Frozen pipes would not be frozen for long after all and might cause a wet mess or dowse the flame and ruin the smoke altogether.

Attempting to smoke when you have frozen pipes is recommended, but smoking from frozen pipes is not.

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